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Who Really Commits New Sex Crimes?

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In the recent months there have been a number of articles and news sources about politicians and other prominent people involved in sex crimes. There have also been a significant number involving police officers. This study will focus in part on the offense rate for police officers in comparison to other persons, it will also take a look at the re-offense rate for people on the registry. The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center released the following:

Working with those numbers, according to the referenced link:
  • 0.08% (1 in 116) officers are cited for misconduct, 13% of those are sex offenses/ sex related.
  • 800,000 estimated police officers in the US (that’s one per RSO!)

Now let’s crunch some numbers… that makes ~ 6,873 instances of officer misconduct in a 6 month period of which 13% are sex related offenses giving us a grand total of….893 sex offenses committed by police officers during a six month period from April to Sept 2009 or nearly 18 per state! Estimating for the year that  would be 1786 sex related offenses for police officers of the 63,000 reported new sex offenses.

That would make about 3% of all new sex offenses are committed by police (1786/63000). Police officers make up 0.3% of the population in the US (800,000/311,745,000). Police commit one sex offense per 1,000 officers according to the numbers. Strangers commit less than 2% of all sex offenses. Police officers commit ~3%!

Trying to crunch realistic numbers for sex offenses by profession. Now, according to the AP, only 500 teachers were arrested as sex offenders out of 3.5 million teachers, which makes 0.014% of teachers which committed sex offenses or 0.7% of all new sex offenses were committed by teachers. The latest search was for clergy sex offenders since such a big deal is made about that. The only number we have found that’s recent (2009) is 215 victims of sex offenses by clergy.

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