Friday, January 31, 2014

WARNING: Potential scam sites - Free isn't always free!

We have noticed over the years that there are many websites out there who claim to give you "free" alerts and information about sex offenders, but in order to get this "free" report, you have to give them your credit card info and may be billed monthly for their "service."

You should NEVER have to give a site your credit card information or other personal information when the information is public and free elsewhere by the police or government.

NOTE: We are not saying this is or isn't a scam site, but like we said, why give out your CC information when it's free elsewhere?


P.S.: We do not agree with any public sex offender registry (hit-list)!


Sex Offender Issues


Sex Offender Issues said...

Typical sheeple who want someone else to do what they should be doing in the first place, so they have someone else to blame when things go bad!

NJ45143112 said...

I would posit that the morons in this community would do far better to talk with this guy instead of simply assuming he is a monster...
Unfortunately, the propaganda arm of the U.S. Riech is so strong that it's easier to believe that he is the monster instead of simply being labeled one...
I say this without knowing his case or his alleged "offense" but I do know that the community should start acting in the spirit of "community" and give the guy a chance...

Anonymous said...

Donna Zink thinks everything is a public record she's entitled too. She won an entirely unrelated lawsuit a few years ago because the city wouldn't give her public records relating to building permits. She thinks that 80,000 emails (which contain plenty of sensitive law enforcement info, most of which is not even related to sex offenders- I have no idea why the judge is ruling the emails can be given to her), the whole sex offender list (including offenders who's names are not disclosed under Washington law) and even tapes that were made of the case are all entitled to her

Anthony Studebaker said...

There is a kick
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let’s hope it gets made for it will blow a big hole in the news media always portraying
sex offenders as dirty old men hiding –lurking behind bushes waiting to abduct a children!

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