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UK - Woman (Lisa Yapp) accused her ex-boyfriend of rape 'in a bid to cover up shame of threesome'

Lisa Yapp
Lisa Yapp
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A woman claimed she had been raped by her ex-boyfriend in a bid to cover up a drunken threesome with two men she met in a pub, it was alleged.

Lisa Yapp, 24, showed the men naked photographs of herself then went to one of their homes where they had sex in the kitchen, a court heard. She ‘high-fived’ the men as she left afterwards.

But Yapp later turned up at a friend’s house in tears saying she had been raped.

She claimed she had been attacked in an alleyway by her former partner _____, jurors heard.

Police began a major investigation after Yapp told officers the attacker had ‘sounded and felt’ like him.

But Mr _____ had been 30 miles away at the time and was seen on CCTV on a night out with friends.

Yapp was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins told Worcester Crown Court: ‘Why she lied we might never know, it might be because she felt guilty.’

It might be that she wanted to get back at her former boyfriend.’

The court heard Yapp got talking to friends _____ and _____ in the Goodrest Tavern in Worcester on August 1, 2011.

Mr _____ told the court that after the talk turned to issues of a sexual nature, Yapp showed them naked photographs and the three went to his home.

There, she showed them more photographs before stripping off and telling them she had taken part in orgies. Mr _____ told the trial he had sex with Yapp in the kitchen while Mr _____ groped her.

I was a bit shocked,’ he told the jury. ‘Afterwards I thought, “I can’t believe what just happened”. I was a bit embarrassed to be honest.’

Yapp claimed she had been raped in an alley near her home in Ronkswood, Worcester. She told police: ‘I knew someone was walking behind me and I started walking a bit faster.’

I felt his fist hit the back of my head and he pushed my back down. He grabbed hold of my hair and with his other hand he pulled my trousers down.’ She said she had screamed and tried to fight back and claimed her attacker shouted, ‘I told you I’d get you for it.’

Yapp told police she believed the attack was revenge because she had previously made allegations of rape against Mr _____ which were subsequently dropped.

But a medical examination found no sign that she had been attacked and evidence from CCTV and witnesses showed she had left the pub with two men in the opposite direction to the alley, the court heard.

Yapp later claimed to police that she suffered from blackouts but still maintained she had been raped. She denies perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.

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