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UK - Lincolnshire false rape claims highest in UK

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The number of false rape claims made to police in Lincolnshire is higher than anywhere else in England and Wales.

New figures for the 12 months up to March 2013 show that 33 per cent of all alleged rapes against adults in Lincolnshire were later dismissed.

The report, released by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary on behalf of the Rape Monitoring Group, shows that across England and Wales the number of recorded rapes of both adults and children has steadily increased since March 2008.

There were approximately 6,000 recorded rapes of children and approximately 10,000 recorded rapes of adults in England and Wales during the 12 month period.

Lincolnshire Police received 110 reports of rape against adults, of which 36 were later declared as “no crimes”.

The force also received 98 allegations of child rape, with 19 per cent of these being declassified after investigations.

Detective Superintendent Rick Hatton, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “In Lincolnshire we are committed to investigating reports of rape and other sexual offences in thorough meticulous manner.”

We have a specialist unit known as our ‘Emerald Team’ made up of highly trained and motivated officers and staff.”

Thanks to the hard work put in by our partners and our own staff in the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) we are ranked number one in the country in terms of the services we commit to victim support.”

This ‘no crime’ rate reflects our ethical recording of crime. It shows that we investigate all allegations of rape.”

Lincolnshire Police record reported offences as early as we can. This demonstrates transparency in our investigations.”

If it is decided that the offence has not been committed an in depth report must be submitted. This must detail all the information and evidence which verifies and supports the conclusion that the offence did not happen.”

The report is ultimately submitted to crime management bureau supervisors trained in NCRS compliance.”

We cannot entirely explain why the percentage of rape ‘no crimes’ in Lincolnshire is higher than in other areas but we are affected by the relatively low level of such crimes in Lincolnshire.”

This means that small variations in numbers can make large differences in percentage terms.”
- So are you arresting the people who are making these false claims and putting them in jail / prison?

Chair of the Rape Monitoring Group, Dru Sharpling, said: “Rape is one of the most serious violent crimes and the impact on victims can be devastating.”

It is absolutely crucial that the police and wider criminal justice system has all of the information available to ensure that victims are being believed and the police are following through investigations.”

We will be seeking to improve on these data sets and will publish information at regular intervals to encourage and maintain performance improvements across England and Wales.”

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