Friday, January 10, 2014

TN - Fired Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy (Willie Marshay Greer) charged with rape

Willie Marshay Greer
Willie Marshay Greer
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By Beth Burger

A Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy has been terminated after handcuffing a woman and forcing her to perform oral sex on him while he was on duty in Harrison.

Deputy Willie Marshay Greer, 33, was fired Thursday afternoon and charged with aggravated rape and official misconduct.

Greer reportedly stopped a woman for speeding on Birchwood Pike just after 1 a.m. After running her information through a database, the woman had open warrants for her arrest, according to the arrest report.

I could let you go, but you’d owe me,” the woman said Greer told her.

The woman told authorities that she didn’t want to get into trouble so she followed Greer in her own vehicle to 11300 block of Thatch Road. He told her they “need to talk about this.”

She was handcuffed again before he exposed himself and forced her to perform the sex act.

When finished, Greer offered the woman a fruit punch drink from a Wendy’s cup. Detectives were able to verify the woman’s story by interviewing employees at the Highway 58 location who said Greer came in the day before for a meal.

When Greer was interviewed by detectives, he said admitted to receiving oral sex on duty but said it was consensual. Greer himself brought up the drink cup during the interview, but investigators never asked about it. He claimed that he lost it after the encounter. He also claimed that he never performed a records check on the woman until after the incident.

Greer was a probationary employee at the department for three months. He worked as a patrol deputy on the east side of the county.

Sheriff Jim Hammond said a routine background check was conducted on Greer before he was hired.

There was nothing to indicate this might happen,” Hammond said during a news conference.

He previously worked as a campus officer at Chattanooga State Community College.

As of Thursday evening, Greer’s bond was set at $50,000. His next court date is set for Jan. 14 before Hamilton County Sessions Court Judge Lila Statom.

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deathklok said...

I thought a "Bail Bond" was only good for one year. I doubt this guy put up the entire $300,000. He may have to come up with another 30k soon.