Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Shame of Sex Offender Registries

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Never let it be said that our own political leaders are above propaganda when it suits their political objectives. A lie can be money in the bank for a special interest as well as for a politician. The most evil, Adolf Hitler understood the power of propaganda when he began his quest to conquer Europe.

One of his famous lies was used to label Jews as sub-human, thus convincing the population that no humiliation or deprivation was too severe for any member of the Jewish community regardless of age. A Label is a powerful tool in the destruction of an individual life when applied effectively by a person of power and authority. Such use of labels to isolate specific citizens is a danger politicians should avoid, however, in the United States as well as in Nazi Germany, Labels are used to humiliate, ostracize and drive those tagged as inferior into poverty and homelessness...or much worse.

Shamefully, our politicians have resorted to lies and misinformation all too often in the name of "justice" or to "protect our citizens". One might think that Congress and state lawmakers would not only have access to reliable information, but to use that information in the formulation of our laws. Sadly this is seldom the case and lawmakers are more likely to decide the fate of our citizens based on emotional rather than factual considerations. If a position looks good on a politician's resume, that appearance becomes more important than any negative consequence for an uniformed population.

So appears to have been the sole basis for the creation and proliferation of our public sex offender registries, numerous restrictions on housing and other devious political contrivances all build on a Label designed to foster and propagate hate and ignorance. Unfortunately many of the so-called policies actually make citizens less safe and at great cost to taxpayers who are getting almost no return for their money.

Here are some actual facts:

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