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Replace Sex Offender Registration Scheme

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The following was sent to us via the CONTACT form and posted with the users permission. We do not agree with several issues, our comments are below.

By Steve Mizera:
Steve A. Mizera, author of How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse, concluded a three-day book signing in Mesa, Arizona which was attended by 187 Mormon Church Stake Presidents, Bishops and Elders. His book calls for replacing the National Sex Registry database with one that registers only adults who have an academic, spiritual or recreational relationship with minors. This, he wrote, would include teachers and police officers, pastors and church youth group leaders, adult scout leaders and sport coaches.
- We do not agree with ANY online registry, it should be taken offline and used by police only.

Author Mizera cited numerous public records of law enforcement officials who were arrested and convicted in 2013 for child molestation and child pornography. He limited his research to this highly trusted category of professionals to answer the questions who molests children, why and how, where and when. His book is subtitled: Begin by asking is that a Sexual Predator hiding behind that badge?

Mizera also makes recommendations on how child sexual abuse can be abolished. He urges that sex abuse education must begin in the first grade and must be increased every year with age-appropriate information throughout high school. He further calls for holding parents accountable when they could have prevented the sexual abuse through their negligence. He cited a Penn State's Sandusky victim's mother who asked her son on two occasions where his underwear was after the youth had spent overnight in Sandusky's home.

In calling for the replacement of sex offender registration, Mizera presents numerous published papers that argue against the current National Database Registry of previous sex offenders which document the very low recidivism rate, the harm to registrants and their family members, and the incapability of registrants to obtain housing and employment.

Mizera writes that registration of all male adults, who have a professional responsibility in interacting with minors, should include a controversial requirement that a plethysmograph be administered before permitting a professional adult to have a relationship with children under his care. The plethysmograph is a test where a pressure sensitive wire is connected to the registrant's penis while being shown various sexual images. The test is designed to detect sexual deviance. Mizera states that this test would be especially beneficial in vetting candidates for law enforcement.
- The plethysmograph is not full-proof and has issues. In this video it shows that most everybody who took this test would fail. Also, why just register males when females also commit sexual crimes? They also have a test for females.

Registration of adults about to have a professional relationship with children would also include their acknowledgment of the consequences of any future acts sexual abuse such as prison, public humiliation, as well as the loss of family, friends, employment and housing opportunities. Mizera points out that the current cost of registering almost 800,000 persons is prohibitive and such resources could be used instead to implement his recommendations.

The seventy-four year old author argues that his recommendations would focus on prevention of child sexual abuse, rather than relying on the expensive national sex offender registration system which focuses on past offenders whose recidivism rate according to publish FBI reports are in the single-digits.

The book signing was hosted by LDS Books and Art in Mesa, Arizona. Ninety-year old Helen Spencer Schlie, who owns and operates the book store, invited the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints leadership. Two hundred and eleven books were sold over the three-day event. Mizera offers his book from his website:

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