Friday, January 31, 2014

PETITION - Women Against Registry demands the repeal of AWA due to collateral damage experienced by our 2.5 million family members

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There is no empirical evidence supporting the continuation of the AWA. Yearly recidivism reports were not part of the act. The dangling carrot of losing 10% Byrne Fund Grant money is no comparison to taxpayer cost of monitoring registrants for life. Once adjudicated, penalty paid and living a law-abiding life registrants and their families should be allowed to live without punitive punishments.

According to a study by Levenson & Tewksbury, children of registrants are harassed, ridiculed, teased, physically attacked and fearful. Registrants are murdered. Last year in SC the wife was murdered too.

Recidivism rate for another sexual offense is 5.3% and 80-90% of sexual abuse is never reported which is clear and convincing evidence public registries don't work but prevention programs do.

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