Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OH - Bainbridge Parents Sound Off about Convicted Sex Offender Volunteering as Firefighter

Our comment left on the video:

What do they expect the ex-offender to do? "Oh hey, sorry your house is on fire and burning down, but let me rape you real quick!"

Come on, this is pure insanity!


Scott Smith said...

Honestly is any other type of "criminal" punished as harsh as those with the label of sex offender are. If this guy was say a convicted murder or drug dealer, he probably would only have gotten fired. Even that is a possible, More likely just a disciplinary action and that's it.
But nope person wears the label and one step outta the line and society must cart them off to jail. Makes no sense at all. More money down the drain. He had a job and sounds like maybe he found the only way he could to work around all the obstacles placed in front of him.

Scott Smith said...

Yep that is pretty much the mentality of people today. I guess they figure that he became a firefighter cause sex and fire mix. I honestly did hear that somewhere that people with an obsession with fire have a sexual disorder. Not sure if that has any truth to it. But then too never under estimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

nathan rabalais said...

Looks like they don't want people hearing the truth and facts they disabled the comments gotta love the media