Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NY - Senator Charles Schumer passes another useless law to help himself look good

Think of the children!
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Just another pointless law in the name of a dead child to help someone else look good! You don't need another law when stuff is already available for it (Here & Here)! Reminds me of this South Park episode. And by the looks of the comments the sheeple are falling for it, as usual! Bahhhhh!


NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - Alex Siri, 15, has autism and is considered nonverbal. Alex uses an iPad program to let others know what he wants or how he is feeling. Alex's father is hoping his son will also benefit from a new bill proposed by Sen. Charles Schumer. If passed, Avonte's Law would use federal money to pay for a voluntary program to help police locate missing at-risk autistic children using GPS tracking devices.
- Federal money is tax payer money, and are you going to purchase and supply every single child in the state with a GPS device?  Yep, useless laws like this is why the country is going broke!

The proposal is named for Avonte Oquendo. The 14-year-old boy ran away from his Long Island City, Queens, school in October and was found dead earlier this month in the East River. Schumer made the announcement Sunday with Avonte's mother by his side. Schumer said it would be similar to a federal program that tracks seniors with Alzheimer's disease.
- Again, another useless law!

Just weeks before Avonte disappeared, Alex wandered away from his Upper East Side apartment. Luckily, he was quickly found.

Project Lifesaver is a similar private program already doing this for at people at risk.

"If the person goes wandering, each bracelet has a separate frequency in it, a radio frequency, they can tune their receivers, which they've been trained to use, go into an area, locate that radio signal, track to the person, locate them, and bring them back home," Gene Saunders, the CEO and founder of Project Lifesaver International, told Fox 5 via Skype.
- Like home security systems, this is just a way for companies to exploit people and fear to make money!

Until Alex gets such a device, his dad has tagged his shoes with his name and address and hopes Alex never needs that again.

More than 200 mourners attended Avonte's funeral Saturday.

Investigators are still trying to determine how he died.

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