Sunday, January 26, 2014

NV - Nevada’s disappearing sex offender

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Big changes for sex offenders in the western US state of Nevada. If implemented on February 1, 2014 as planned, the stealth roll out of the Adam Walsh Act will have a number of unintended consequences. These include: a dramatic increase in the number of citizens required to register as sex offenders including all those as far back as 1956 who were convicted of sex crimes against minors–even when the offender was himself a minor at the time. So a 12-year-old boy who in 1956 who molested (or played doctor with) his 10-year-old sister would now be required to register as an FDR 3. FDR stands for “frequency and duration of registration.” FDR 3 requires former offenders to register their name and address every three months. The number of people who would be required to register quarterly (FDR 3) is estimated to rise in the Reno metro area alone from a few dozen to about 3,000 to 4,000 individuals. The number will rise to some 40,000 individuals across the state.

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