Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NJ - Bramnick Bill Strengthening Megan’s Law Approved by Assembly

Jon Bramnick
Jon Bramnick
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Legislation sponsored by Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick that strengthens certain provisions of “Megan’s Law,” which requires the registration of sex offenders and notification to the community of their whereabouts, was approved by the General Assembly today.

The bill, S-2636/A-3886, upgrades the penalty for a sexual assault committed against a person who is physically or intellectually incapacitated to aggravated sexual assault, increasing the charge from a third degree crime to one of the second degree. It also requires the offender to register under Megan’s Law.

Sexual predators will now pay a more severe penalty for committing this heinous act,” said Bramnick, R-Union, Morris and Somerset. “We must always protect our most vulnerable citizens. Those who violate Megan’s Law will pay a steep price to keep them from harming anyone else.”

Bramnick’s bill also increases the penalty when a sex offender fails to notify law enforcement of a change in address or they have access to the Internet from a fourth degree crime to a third degree offense.

Additionally, the bill also imposes a requirement on the State Parole Board to improve the board’s supervision and monitoring of sex offenders. A monthly penalty of $30 would be imposed on every person convicted of a sex offense to fund these initiatives. Monies deposited into the “Sex Offender Fund” are to be used for operational expenses incurred by the board in this effort.
- Forcing someone to pay a fee or go to jail is basically extortion, which is a crime!

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