Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW ZEALAND - Renewed call for official register of sex offenders

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Educating the public about sexual abuse is the key, not an online hit-list.


There are renewed calls for an official online sex offender register in New Zealand, following the conviction of an 89-year-old man on 42 abuse charges.

The Wellington man pleaded guilty to 42 charges of doing indecencies to girls and boys, attempted rape and unlawful sexual connection from between 1973 to 1991.

On Monday he was sentenced to a year's home detention.

During sentencing Judge John Butler said the man had previous convictions as early as the 1950s, for obscene exposure and attempted indecent assault.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust says a register could have spared some of his victims.

"How many more children must be abused before politicians show some courage and introduce an online sex offender register to protect the public from offenders like this?" says trust spokesman Garth McVicar.

"This predator, hiding in a man's clothing, has been able to prey on innocent children for a period spanning 50 odd years."

The situation proves the need for an official register, he says, adding that the lack of one is the courts protecting predators.

"It appears that our Justice Establishment is hell-bent on protecting sex-offenders rather than protecting our women and children from them."

"The establishment is, in effect, underwriting the actions of pedophiles and creating thousands of victims".

Many countries have official sex offender registers available online.

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