Monday, January 27, 2014

NC - Double punishment

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The following was sent to us via the TELL US YOUR STORY form and posted with the users permission.

By Timothy:
I got out of prison in March, 2013. I spent a lot of tim hunting jobs and getting turned down after I was upfront with them about my crime. The would hire me and then call me a few days later and tell me there was something on my background check or simply not even offer the job. I was able to find a job working in an auto parts store but not before almost becoming homeless. I am still on that route but not as close as before. I am only working part time.

My passion is computers and photography but I can't do either with the laws that restrict me being a registered sex offender. I severed my time and paid my dues it is time for a fresh start in life without the past holding me and others back. I would love to be able to go to the park and take pictures but that could land me back in prison. I am not classified as a predator and why should I be treated like one. I made a mistake in life and paid for it. I like to say that I am a person that committed a sex offense not a sex offender as that would mean that I am currently doing it. I can not even post videos. pictures or anything the the internet as it go against the laws in North Carolina.

I take responsibility for my actions and even successfully completed the S.O.A.R. program in prison for learn why it even happened in the first place. It start as an accident and turned intentional and I regret that it ever happened. My life has been a mess since my wife passed away years before this incident. I even tried to put barriers in place to prevent it in the first place and my effects failed. I wish I could have won that battle but I did not and I am paying for it for the rest of my life now.

I need help, prayers and hope for a better future that I just don't see for myself. I have been talking to a psychologist and have even been suicidal. I just want a better life. I know the victim's life is never going to be the same and perhaps her life will improve without me in it. I could never ask her for forgiveness as that is something she would have to decide for herself.

I paid my debit it is time to move on for me and these laws restrict me so much. No Facebook, Flicker, Youtube, or anything that can be seen as social media is allowed. I have even looked into the age groups of different sites. I used Facebook and other sites in the past for work related to computers but now I can't. Job sites can also not be used because they are considered social media like Linkedin. There maybe others out there also but I would love to work back in computers again. That was my career for 23 years.



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