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MI - Woman (Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark) lied about being raped

Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark
Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark
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TRAVERSE CITY - A Traverse City woman faces a criminal charge after authorities said she lied about being drugged and raped by her ex-boyfriend.

Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark, 18, is charged with making a false report of a felony. She told authorities her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her on Oct. 3, but eventually told a Grand Traverse County sheriff’s detective the story wasn’t true, according to the police report.

Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney said authorities take false accusations of criminal sexual conduct seriously. He didn’t specifically comment on Zachman-Clark’s case.

It’s so important that we don’t let a case like this undermine the confidence in those other cases,” Cooney said. “I think it’s very important to prosecute cases where someone makes up an allegation of criminal sexual conduct.”

Zachman-Clark was arraigned Monday in 86th District Court. She didn’t return a call for comment.

The police report states Zachman-Clark accused her ex-boyfriend of forcing a pill down her throat and raping her for 15 minutes outside a Keystone Road auto repair shop. She told a detective she was unconscious but still recalled details about the assault.

Zachman-Clark also claimed her ex-boyfriend stole her credit card at some point, left the shop after assaulting her and returned 15 minutes later with “huge bags of jewelry for his girlfriend.”

But the detective quickly noted “contradictions” in Zachman-Clark’s story and found two other witnesses’ recollections “very conflicting,” the report states. The detective eventually confronted Zachman-Clark, told her “nothing seems to add up” and asked if she knew the consequences for lying to police, according to the report.

Mikayla insisted that this is the way it happened, and she wanted to proceed,” the report states.

Additional interviews with Zachman-Clark’s friends, family members and an official at Traverse City West High School contradicted portions of her story or raised doubts about her credibility. In November, Zachman-Clark admitted to lying about the rape, according to the police report.

Mikayla told me that she was mad at (her ex-boyfriend) and the sexual assault never happened,” the police report states. “Mikayla insisted that she was being 100 percent honest with me now.”

Cooney said false rape accusations are rare in Grand Traverse County. In October 2012, Shai Lee Mallory, 18, pleaded guilty to making a false report of a misdemeanor after investigation found she fabricated an account of being raped.

Zachman-Clark faces up to four years in prison. A preliminary exam is scheduled for Jan. 16.

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