Monday, January 13, 2014

MA - Peabody Cop Fred Wojick Cleared of Charges in Sexual Molestation Case

Fred Wojick
Fred Wojick
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By John Castelluccio

Peabody police officer Fred Wojick was cleared of charges Monday morning in a sexual molestation case involving a young female family member.

The Salem News reports a jury in Lawrence Superior Court found Wojick, 49, was not guilty after hours of deliberation both Friday and Monday. Wojick, a Peabody native, is a veteran officer and didn't have a prior criminal record.

He was charged with nine counts of indecent assault and battery on a minor and two counts of disseminating pornography. Prosecutors said the alleged abuse spanned six years, starting when the girl was just 11.

The teenage victim took the stand before jurors last week, offering great detail of alleged sexual behavior and comments toward her by Wojick as well as having her watch adult pornography with him. Her mother also testified she was aware of the situation, but never filed a complaint, fearing retribution.

Wojick did take the stand as well, saying the teen fabricated the entire story, likely as an act of revenge over a boyfriend he did not approve of and because he didn't intervene when the boyfriend was arrested for drunken driving.

The Salem News reported that Wojick's attorney Thomas Drechsler also introduced evidence -- social media activity -- by the victim that he argued was inconsistent with the behavior and attitude of someone traumatized by the alleged abuse. Prosecutors argued, however, that evidence was open to interpretation.

The trial lasted just over a week in Lawrence Superior Court. The allegations were first brought to the attention of authorities in November 2012.

Wojick has been suspended from duty for the duration of the case.


low country brother said...

Its about time, well done to the jury who saw right through their web of lies. Good things happen to good people and I am sure they will get what they have coming to them. KARMA!!!

Mark said...

“Protecting children from dangerous sex offenders is an ongoing war, and we believe that it’s one of the most important jobs we have at the D.A.’s (office),” said Susan Kang Schroeder, Rackauckas’ chief of staff" Well, well, well, at risk of blowing my trumpet, I TOLD YOU ALL SO.! Yes, of course ALL sex offenders are dangerous.

“Some of the best minds of the District Attorney’s Office helped draft this law, and we still believe we’re right on the law,” she said.. And here is the arrogance. How dare the court. I will make a prediction here: the C.S.Ct. will overturn the appellate court decision then the prosecutors office will chirp like birds basking in their "WIN."

Mark said...

A really good psychopath can defeat this test. I took it a few times with different answers and guess what? I went from being a predator, a pedophile, to something less than a normal male, to a male with sexual problems. What I have learned in the legal world, the psychiatric world (good intentioned), and the state governments; WHEN THEY DO NOT LIKE THE RULES, THEY CHANGE THEM to enforce their own qualifications.

Mark said...

"Wojick did take the stand as well, saying the teen fabricated the entire
story, likely as an act of revenge over a boyfriend he did not approve
of and because he didn't intervene when the boyfriend was arrested for
drunken driving." A very similar case like this happened about 18 years ago in Mass. and the defendant was convicted but the court of appeals threw the case out, conviction and indictment for proprietorial misconduct. COMMONWEALTH V. SASVILLE. What happened to the prosecutors for their misconduct? NOTHING AT ALL. Yet one more reason why I got out of the business after 18+ years and became a bitter pill.

george said...

Whats the update on this?

Sex Offender Issues said...

dlc said...

Unfortunately, you are quite correct. However, when it gets to the federal circuit court it will be a different story. Besides this DA has it out for sex offenders. He needs to be taught a lesson in the courts somehow.

NJ45143112 said...

The man is a gibbering fool!
The only reason he started his vendetta against sex offenders was to draw attention away from his lack of action after Kelly Thomas was brutally murdered on camera!
Now that his hit men have been acquitted, he feels empowered to stretch forth his omnipotence and secure his agendas!
Imagine the audacity of courts actually upholding the law! The impudence!
I will save the world whether it likes it or not! I will shape the county in my own image!
Sieg Heil! Seig Heil!

Robert Curtis said...

There's more beyond the surface here. Most people don't know how easy it
is to get put on the Sex Offender Registry. There has been children on
the sex offender registry as young as 9 years old. Punitive measures
are added Ex-post facto at the whim of any politician looking to get
elected (like that of the DA). Making the registrant their new whipping
boy for votes. What about the rights of the registrant's child? Don't
they have a right to be with their parent? These laws break more than
constitutional law and the God given right (spiritual law) of a parent
to be with their child but it also breaks natural law. Even a mother
bear is allowed to be with her cubs, but for a registrant and their
child these laws dare to break those fundamental God given rights.
Really? Where are we in pre-1945 Germany? Oh, about the sheriff giving
out passes for registrants to go to parks. Why would a law enforcement
agency give out passes for people to break the law? Sometimes Kids get
hurt in parks and beaches. Whether by falling from a tree, drowning
or choking on a hot-dog. It seems okay to violate the registrant child's
safety by disallowing their first line of defense (their parents) to be
there. Ladies and gentlemen these kind of laws are not for freedom but
tyranny. The numbers and facts don't justify these fear based
draconian laws. TRUTH

Donna said...

What's the update

Jason Sanders said...

This is inaccurate please update.

Jason Sanders said...


Jason Sanders said...

How? He wasn't found guilty you need to keep updated on these things.

Jason Sanders said...

Well we haven't seen anything about it online, so from what we can tell, he's either been convicted or still going through the system. If you have any proof, then we'd gladly remove the article.

Jason Sanders said...