Friday, January 3, 2014

KY - Former trooper (Jerry Clanton & Stratford Young) fights to get job back after sex abuse accusations

Jerry Clanton & Stratford Young
Jerry Clanton & Stratford Young
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By Amy Stallings and Brooke Hasch

FRANKFORT (WHAS11) - A former Kentucky State Police trooper is fighting to get is job back Friday after he was fired last year.

Jerry Clanton and Stratford Young were let go after accusations of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Clanton is in Frankfort Friday appealing his termination.
- So much for innocent until proven guilty!

WHAS11’s Brooke Hasch is at the hearing and said Clanton admitted he had sex with the girl but said he did not know she was only 15. He also said he had four encounters with the juvenile.

Brooke will have much more on this story coming up tonight at 6 p.m., but here is a breakdown of what has happened so far:

Opening statements with KSP (Capt Matt Feltner and Lt. Matt Johnson): Clanton violated KSP procedure, called Conformance to Law, the overall charge against him. He is also charged with rape 3rd, sodomy 3rd, sexual abuse 1st, official misconduct 1st, unlawful transaction with a minor 1st.

The first witness was the primary investigator, who interviewed Clanton and victim. In interviews heard today, both admit to having sex or oral sex at least once on the trunk of a squad car.

"A lot of the evidence is very graphic and we take it very seriously. The KSP has a 65-year history of very good tradition, upstanding tradition of serving our citizens of the commonwealth of Kentucky. And we will not sacrifice that for two egregious actions by two troopers who did very immoral things and those troopers were terminated accordingly for that," Sgt. Michael Webb, commander of public affairs with KSP, said.

Interviews point to a long relationship between Stratford Young and the victim, but only four encounters with Clanton, who claims he did not know she was 15. Clanton said he did know she didn't have a license. Clanton claimed the victim initiated contact most of the time and showed her breasts and behind.

The victim claimed she was pressured by both troopers to do so.

"I have not seen a disciplinary process like this in several years. They are not a common practice, as Kentucky state troopers rarely have disciplinary issues," Webb said.
- Not exactly true.  See the following articles.

At about 4:10 p.m. closing arguments ended in the Clanton case. A jury of his KSP peers are now in talks behind closed doors.

We'll continue following this story as it develops and will have much more at 6:00 p.m.


dlc said...

Another news group who can't let sex offenders rejoin society. Today a Facebook account is almost as mandatory as a telephone to keep in touch with friends and family and to run a business. Before he is sentenced he should be checked if he had any undo communications, if not this is all BS. Leave the sex offenders alone!

Reality said...

The reporter in her second report says the ex sex offender was a rapist. I looked him up and his offense was not a rape.

He is a tier 2 offender. Something doesn't sound right. Iowa Code (709,8,3)

Convicted 05/31/2006

Second of all it's not a law that this man not use Facebook. It might be terms of his probation but so is minors not using Facebook and this man was using Facebook for friends, family and work.

This tacky reporter if you search her name and history is trying to be a tabloid type reporter and this sounds more like a ego trip and trying to yell fire in a theatre.

Happy, Joyous and Free said...

In regards to a business using Facebook, which is almost mandatory in this day and age, it depends on the type of business. If one is self-employed or runs any kind of business that is not incorporated in some way with the State Corporation Commission (or its equivalent), then there isn't a difference between the XSO using Facebook and the business using Facebook.

For example, I own a LLC. It is incorporated. Legally, the business IS NOT me. I don't have a Facebook page, but if the LLC creates a page and I have an employee handle the page - I'm not breaking any law or term of service with Facebook. Legally, the LLC has a page, I don't.

This is just a way to get people inflamed. However, if the person is breaking a condition of P&P, then he's being an idiot. This kind of behavior causes more problems for XSO's. All it takes is one person to cause problems for the balance of XSO's. XSO's will not make progress with Facebook or other online sources if we act like this guy.

Should XSO's be allowed to use FB? Possibly. FB should be for people 18 and above, not minors. Adults talking to adults doesn't break the law, and if anyone (XSO's included) breaks the law, they need to be prosecuted for that situation.

XSO's are and will always be an easy target, and others feel that if XSO's aren't on FB, then the world is a safer place.

Chuck N said...

Already been kicked off twice courtesy of my ex-wife. lol If you ever do get kicked off, you've got to use a new e-mail address to get back on. It is not a violation of any law, but is a violation of Facebook's terms of service to be a sex offender using their site and if you are reported, they will boot you and block your e-mail.