Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ID - New Program Helps Track Sex Offenders (Increase in registration fees)

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By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls - The Idaho State Police has a new program that alerts residents when sex offenders move.

You can choose a one, three or five mile radius from your home.

Meanwhile, all forty-four counties in the state are now on board with 'Offender Watch'.

When we last spoke with Staff Sergeant Doug Sugden of the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office...Twin Falls was one of 9 counties in Idaho to use "Offender Watch".

That's not the case anymore.

"All of the Sheriff's Offices have Offender Watch, which is why the fees went up to $80... when an offender registers now, he pays 80 dollars instead of 40 which helps to pay for the software," Sugden explains.

With more than 200 sex offenders in Twin Falls County, Sugden has a big responsibility.

But "Offender Watch" eases the workload.

"Say one of my offenders moves from Twin Falls to Jerome; he can import the file, it saves time, effort and will instantly send me a notification that he has moved from my area to another jurisdiction," Sugden points out.

While he says the email alert is more of a benefit for the citizens, he's pleased to see the state is on board.

"It's good that the state has picked up on that and is doing what we've been doing since 2006," he says.

We posted on our Facebook page, asking if local citizens would utilize the email alerts.

Dawn writes, "Yes, I would use it. I have children and grandchildren. Although it is usually the ones that don't register you need to worry about. It's always good to have knowledge."

Diana writes, “Yes, not because I think that all people on that list are a danger to my children, but because those who are need to know that people are paying attention. And it's not just our children... Single women, elderly women, stay at home moms, etc. are at risk."

But not everyone would.

Marie feels "it wouldn't change anything I’m doing already anyway. Plus many people on the list shouldn't be there."

On the ISP site, you can even find out when a particular registrant moves, by clicking the link, "track registrant", available on the registrant's page.


Eric Knight said...

Wait...I'm confused. Are those on the registry in Florida whom are designated "predators" on a CURFEW? In other words, they are, literally, UNDER ARREST for a certain time period each night? I don't even think parolees have curfews (if they aren't in halfway houses).

I remember the brouhaha about Missouri and other states restricting registrants to their home during Halloween, but this is the first I've heard of a broadbrush curfew in effect.

Sex Offender Issues said...

I wondered the same, but it must be for those on probation / parole only, I hope.

Mark said...

The issue with parole and/or probation at least with the poisoned media is a fact generally left our along with news stories. An old trick of the trade.

nathan rabalais said...

So you're telling me I am spending 25 dollars here in Utah for a new online hit list that I don't even use that's just great

Richard Einstein said...

No problem, Patrolman Ashmore will be recruited by the TSA, CPS or DHS.
He will fit right into one of the federal government goon squads....

g4change said...

Politicians...putting the "DUH" into Flori-DUH one stupid bill at a time!

Reality said...

They really are putting sex offenders back on parole/probation and making them pay for it.

They laugh now but eventually it will seep into everyone's lives somehow or someway just like the NSA.

They will keep adding things and charging more until the nearly a million sex offenders will be back in prison and instead of tax payers getting help with food stamps when they need it they will be paying for decades old ex sex offenders to be fed in prison.

Mark said...

"All of the Sheriff's Offices have Offender Watch, which is why the fees went up to $80... when an offender registers now, he pays 80 dollars instead of 40 which helps to pay for the software," Just how much does the software cost, and when will it get paid for? If anyone cannot see through this pile of horse droppings statement by the illustrious Sheriff's office you deserve to pay $80.00, maybe $500.00. I would prefer to go back to jail where it would cost the state tons of money to hold me. And of course, this fee is in all likelihood retroactive. So, sit back offenders of Idaho and allow the state to tuck in real deep while you moan and weep over this and do zilch about it.

Mark said...

Under Gibson’s bill, SB 562 (PDF),
lending a vehicle to a sexual predator would be a second-degree
misdemeanor. If the predator commits a murder or a crime covered by
state sexual predator or sex offender laws, the owner could lose their
driver’s license for one year. This is incredible to say the least! Now when this piece of garbage gets passed, anyone who wants/needs to borrow a vehicle will have to undergo a background check! You all realize that the United States is almost a done deal? That all states are utilizing precious resources, time, and money on sex offenders and not social problems, taxation, infrastructures, employment, housing, overall care of their respective state and so forth? Beware of the next two years folks.

Kirk said...

I have a couple of Questions!
They Said "Along with the vehicle provisions, Gibson’s bill also establishes a 7
p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew for sexual predators. The current curfew lasts
from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m." How dose any Curfew for this time frame protect any children?? Are not all children with their parents then, or to be in bed soon anyway. There sure not running around unsupervised then are they now? The only thing this dose is eliminate job potential for Ex-Offenders by locking them up for 12 hours every day so they can not get jobs at places when kids would not likely be around them. (can you say Punishment)
I also note here where most Reporters or their Editors (maybe) seem to think because a person is on lifetime registration that is and means that they are on lifetime Parole and have the same guidelines as a Parolee. I guess with the restrictions we have, and the way they can change them daily, we are are we not! Since we have no way to really fight them. Of course besides going to war with the politicians so to speak??? just some observations and my opinion here folks.

Ron said...

If you read the language of the bill you see that it not only applies to sexual predators but also sexual offenders. So that means everybody who is required to register in Florida will get swept up with this bad law. It's also the same with the curfew bill. I don't see how curtailing the rights of people to loan there property to anybody they choose to will keep any kid safe. It was a tragedy when Donald Smith killed that little girl but these 5 bills that has been filed will do nothing to keep any children safe. It's all pandering for votes while stomping on the rights of people.

Sex Offender Issues said...

So I guess if they need to borrow a car to visit their probation / parole officer, or register, and they cannot due to this nonsense, then they'll throw them back in jail because they didn't register or visit their probation / parole officer when they should have? Damned if you do... Damned if you don't!

bob said...

So I wonder what color shirt Donald Smith wore when he (allegedly - but lets not quibble) committed this atrocity. Must ban that - pass some legislation.

Wonder what he had for breakfast that morning. Must ban that - pass some legislation.

If it were not so tragic it is almost comical.

bob said...

Quite frankly - I was thinking that the first piece of legislation to result from this tragedy would be to make it a crime for any parent to let their young children wander off with a complete stranger who just bought them some trinkets and fancy baubles.

Every day I am surprised and proven wrong...

bob said...

How is this going to work at places like Hertz or Avis? Who will be charged with a crime - the part time guy at the Car Rental Counter? The Company? Nope, not a person. The location manager? The CEO?