Thursday, January 23, 2014

FL - Senator, sheriff seek greater control of sex offenders

Oh the horror!Original Article

So they talk about the growing numbers and want to pass more laws? How will passing more laws prevent the numbers from growing? Or is it so they can attach their name to the law to look good to the sheeple?


By Gary Pinnell

SEBRING - The number of sex offenders in Highlands County is growing: 130 in 2010, compared with 139 in 2013.
- A whole 9 more in 3 years! Oh the horror!

Even worse, predators - who have committed sexually violent offenses - have nearly doubled, from 14 three years ago to 23 in October 2013, according to Sheriff Susan Benton.
- A whole 9 more in 3 years! Oh the horror!

That's one reason why Sen. Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring, has sponsored SB 522.
- This bill is about civil commitment and even with the law in affect, the numbers will continue to grow, especially the dead people who remain on the list to inflate the fear-factor.

"The current Sexually Violent Predator Program was found to have weaknesses that allowed some sexually violent predators to avoid evaluation and civil commitment," Grimsley said. "These weaknesses were raised in the Sun Sentinel series."

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported on Aug. 20, 2013 that nearly 600 sexually violent predators had been released, only to be convicted of more than 460 new child molestations, 121 rapes and 14 murders.
- Which is just another fear-mongering report!

In an unusually bipartisan and bicameral effort last week, five bills moved through two House and two Senate panels, including the Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs, of which Grimsley is a member. The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee completed the effort by approving the proposals, which will be taken up by the full Legislature in the spring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you're witnessing the beginning of landmark legislation," said Rep. Ray Pilon, R-Sarasota.

Lawmakers focused on the June murder of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle in Jacksonville. _____, 57, was accused of abducting, raping and strangling her just three weeks after being released from jail on another sex offense. This time, prosecutors will seek the death penalty.
- Yeah one person committed that crime yet they want to punish all who wear the "sex offender" label?  Imagine if we did the same for all other crimes!  Everyone would be in prison right now.

"In the Perrywinkle case, let's be clear: the system failed," lobbyist Ron Book told the House panel.
- And using that same logic Mr. Book, did you fail your daughter?  Is that why you are so angry?

After release from prison, the state already can civilly commit a sexual offender for treatment if he or she is likely to commit another offense. However, the five bills will plug holes in that civil process. First, said Grimsley, her SB 522 "expands the criteria for civil commitment consideration to include offenders who are serving a sentence in county jail and who have a history of committing a sexually violent offense."

"Second, in certain circumstances, the bill will allow placement of persons who have been inadvertently released from custody without evaluation into civil detention for evaluation," Grimsley said.

"Third, the multidisciplinary teams within the Department of Children and Families will be expanded to include assistant state attorneys, law enforcement officers, and victim advocates," Grimsley said. One must be a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. The team weighs not just sexual offenses, but attempts, solicitations and conspiracies.
- Why is DCF involved in this in the first place?  They are known for kidnapping children on false pretenses.  And will their be any sex offender experts on this panel as well or are you stacking the deck against the accused?

"This is intended to help the evaluation teams make better decisions as to whether the person is a sexually violent predator who is likely to commit new sexual crimes unless kept in secure confinement," Grimsley said. Finally, the bill requires that the local sheriff will be notified upon release of a predator back into the community.

"We are very involved with the monitoring of these offenders," Benton said. Deputy Cara Mosely tracks every offender, and the sheriff's office publishes an annual report of sexual offenders in the community and inserts a copy into newspapers.

"We also have Offender Watch, which is accessible from our website, where citizens can see everything and also sign up for email notices of any movement of offenders around whatever address they enter," Benton said. "It could be their home, their child's school or day care."

"If we've learned anything from the evidence, it's that many individuals who specifically go out and target the most vulnerable among us are simply wired differently," said Chairman Matt Gaetz, R-Shalimar. "And I would like to see them behind bars for 50 years - minimally."
- That is your opinion sir, and putting more people behind bars, warehousing them, will not solve any problems, it will only hide it for awhile.

"If there is an opportunity to give them the death penalty, I would be all for it," said Rep. Kionne McGhee, D-Miami.
- So you are all for murdering people who haven't murdered anybody?  Or are you specially talking about those who do murder another human being?  Just imagine if everybody in the injustice system thought like this man!  We'd all be dead!


Kevin said...

I absolutely LOVE what this guy is doing! Stick it too 'em buddy!

Sex Offender Issues said...

We agree, awesome job! If an online registry is okay for ex-sex offenders, then it's good enough for everybody else.

bkzalley said...

I like what this guy is doing. "See how it feels" works for me! Just like magazines, who take pictures of stars going about their daily lives. the magazines hide behind the 1st amendment and are not held accountable for putting their pictures out there without their permission. So, why not this? I support his efforts to make the playing field fair. I hope the ACLU continues to help him continue.

sloan44 said...

Finally, law enforcement with some common sense willing to speak up. I know other law enforcement officials feel the same, but only if they would just speak up.

Mark said...

So they talk about the growing numbers and
want to pass more laws? How will passing more laws prevent the numbers
from growing? Or is it so they can attach their name to the law to look
good to the sheeple?" OMG! You cannot teach a horse to act like a duck. The horses are at it again. If you give this article a close read, there is a hidden agenda here. And now, all the goodie-two-shoes want to get involved. Here come da' bandwagon, get ready to jump on. Time to really get self-righteous.

Mark said...

I think we ALL know where all of our freedoms are going. Don't we? There will be another terrorist attack on American soil, and watch more freedoms fly away. Right now, in my opinion, sex offenders are the experiment to see just how far state (and federal) governments can push the envelope statutorily, and federally to kill of the freedoms of the once United States.

Sex Offender Issues said...

We concur.

deathklok said...

Thanks! This story put a huge smile on my face tonight. I hope this idea catches on. I wonder if he flagged their home and workplace on Google Earth?

g4change said...


nathan rabalais said...

I wonder if those 9 aren't ex law enforcement officers who are now on the registery seems like floriduh is known for this so they gotta cover it up some how by making these tough on crimes act

deathklok said...

"Second, in certain circumstances, the bill will allow placement of
persons who have been inadvertently released from custody without
evaluation into civil detention for evaluation," Grimsley said.

In the wording it sounds like they can go out and rearrest those who've already been released. That's a scarey thought!

This could be another legal nightmare If it goes through. How many people will be caught in limbo or purgatory for years while the state tries to figure out how to determine a person's potential to commit a new offense? This will probably lead to federal lawsuits like Minnesota and Colorado.

Another thing is that it may increase the state's personal liability in another situation like Periwinkle's where a registrant harm's or kill's a child leading to monetary settlements for failure to protect society. After all. This will fix the problem. Right?

I hope they figure in these costs while they're discussing the financial impact this will have on the state's budget for housing them at an annual cost of around $150k/year.

NJ45143112 said...

Add to the list our beloved, side-stepping, incompetent president for not paying any attention to the real problems in the country...
Add my favorite bonehead, Tony Rackaukus of Orange County, CA for being a blind idiot and seeking to draw attention from his own incompetence by pushing local jurisdictions to pass unconstitutional laws forbidding SO's from entering parks (recently struck down)...
Add all of the sex offender cops that have NOT been placed on the registry because of their "service to society" or some stupid excuse...
The bigger the site, the more he can add...
The biggest abusers are much farther up the food chain but I think they would whither in the light of day...
Small danger in CA, though...
New law against shaming websites...
They were meant to prevent sexual shaming but could be modified to stop free speech like this...

J. Townsend said...

Freedom can only be found in a God Based society. Christian's that proclaim to be Christian's are weak in their faith and belief's of bible teachings. It seems that all American's have this fear and the sex registry, the media and all the other negative things about the "what ifs". American's still have a harden heart and until that is check out we as a nation can not stand. Either your with Jesus Christ's teachings or your not. There is only one way. Or are you all still in bondage by hate and pride? We need God back in America and in our constiutions