Saturday, January 25, 2014

DC - Sex offender fights registry

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Sex offender can continue to post photos, judge says


By Jackie Kent

A Washington, D.C. man who's upset he's on a registered sex offender website is fighting back by putting random people on his fake sex offender registry.

He said he's doing this because he has to report to a supervision agency in Washington, D.C. every 90 days and his photo is on the D.C. public registry. He said it's "unfair and un-American."

On his fake registry at, he posts pictures of politicians and others who support registries.

Only a few people have their pictures posted but the website lists many more names and has categories like "Witch List."

The website creator says this is legal but now a court will decide if people on the list can force him to take their pictures and names off the list.

Here in Arizona, the Department of Public Safety maintains a sex offender website that includes the offender's name, address, age and current photograph.

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