Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CT - LETTER: Sex offender bill is unnecessary

Stranger Danger
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The following letter was received in reaction to our recent posting “Bipartisan effort to prevent sex offenders from living near schools

To the Editor:

Oh, way to go. Way to keep the myth of stranger danger alive and well and keep parents in a state of fear and panic unnecessarily. Blanket residency restrictions do absolutely nothing toward public safety.

Virtually all child sexual abuse is committed by people who aren’t on the registry and are not the sort of offender that sentence describes. Real child sex offenders aren’t strangers lurking….they are family members and peers and authority figures of the children, people the children know, trust, and even love.

Rather than a blanket, one-size-fits-all ordinance, which has many negative consequences for former offenders and their families as well as for law enforcement, use a sensible, individualized plan.

If one of your registrants living in the community has a history of abducting child victims who are strangers to him from public places, make where he lives part of his conditions. Don’t increase the difficulty of finding suitable housing for the other 99.9% of your registered citizens.

Sandy Rozek
National RSOL Communications Committee
Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc.

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