Monday, January 20, 2014

AZ - Ex-Phoenix PD officer (Justin LaClere) arrested for sex with minor

Justin LaClere
Justin LaClere
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By Shawn Kline

PHOENIX (CBS5) - A Phoenix police officer was arrested by Scottsdale police Friday afternoon for allegedly having sex with a minor on Tuesday.

Phoenix police confirmed Justin LaClere, 32, handed in his badge after seven years with the department, resigning from the police department, Friday evening.

LaClere is charged with luring a minor and sexual conduct with minor.

According to court documents given to CBS 5 by a source, Scottsdale police became aware of LaClere's alleged misconduct with a 17-year-old girl on Thursday, Jan. 16.

Scottsdale police said LaClere met the 17-year-old through a cell phone application called Whisper. The app allows users to anonymously upload pictures with text written across them. Other users on the app can "like" the images, comment and private message other users.

Court paperwork states the 17-year-old victim in this case uploaded a picture of a baby with the text, "I want to get pregnant, but I'm only a teen" written across the image.

Police said the 17-year-old victim then engaged in a private conversation with another user with the username of Jason69er.

According to police, the very first message from Jason69er asked the for the girl's age, and she replied by saying she was 17.

On Monday, the victim received a message from Jason69er through the Whisper app saying, "I've wanted a young pregnant GF," according to court paperwork.

As the conversation continued, police said LaClere told the girl he was 32 and asked her if that was OK.

The teenager replied, "IDK I'd be worried my dad would call the cops and have you arrested for sleeping with a minor since I'm not of legal age to sleep with you."

Court papers state LaClere sent the girl pictures, including one of LaClere wearing a dark blue uniform with Phoenix PD patches on the shoulders.

On Tuesday, papers state LaClere reinitiated a conversation with the victim while she was on the school bus, asking her if she would be able to get away after school to meet him and have sex. Police said the victim agreed to the plan.

Court papers specifically state that on Tuesday afternoon LaClere arrived at the victim's home address in Scottsdale, and the pair immediately went into her bedroom. Police said when they spoke with the teenage victim, she immediately identified LaClere as the man she had sex with.


Bird said...

BTW SOI you mistakenly tagged this as an Arkansas case but it is in fact an Arizona case that is posted on an Arkansas news site. If this had happened in Arkansas she would have been of legal age to consent but in Arizona the AOC is 18.
I don't condone what this guy did, especially since he is a police officer. He should be held to a higher standard and his punishment should be more severe than if a civilian had done the same thing. But I also feel that the girl is not a victim, 17 is plenty old enough to know better, Know what she was doing and getting in to, know right from wrong,and she was likely legally old enough to consent as well. She willingly had sex with him so this was not rape. I'm really thinking that kids and teens that have cell phones should only have basic phone service, no internet. I read a statistic that stated that the largest producer and distributors of child pornography is actually teenage girls and they are also the largest initiators of online sex chat (much of which takes place via cell phone), and the largest consumer of that material or on the receiving end of those chats is typically teenage males and of course there are grown men that engage in this or view this material as well. But it is always the teen boy or the man that goes to prison for viewing it and never the teen girl for producing and distributing it or initiating the sex chat. Us men really got the short end of the stick in this aspect of the male\female double standard.

Sex Offender Issues said...


Mark said...

The age of consent in Arizona is 18. So at 18, this girl can "sex" up all she wants? So for a 12 month difference at the young tender age of 17 she is a child, a victim, incapable of consent? And again, this guy will get fried, while little miss 17 years old who has some major daddy, personality, character issues will get coddled by the politically correct state, and made to appear that she was terrorized, and "plied" by this Mr. LaClere. Laclere - stupid and has now ruined his life. So beside the Arizona law says that a 17 year old is totally incapable of "consent," does 12 months really make a difference in this day and age. And here will be the state's answer: "IT'S THE LAW" - period.

ShirleyUK said...

A 30 year old good looking guy and a 17 year old. The horror!

Someone's daddy got a rude awakening about his little princess... oh wait - she is a victim and was, well, victimized. 100%.

The US is a laughing stock in most of the world.

Matt said...

In Missouri this would have been legal since the age of consent is 17 but since he did it in another state he'll probably have to spend time in jail and register as a sex offender.

Mark said...

To Shirley UK: "The US is a laughing stock in most of the world." AGREE! And before it is over, the world will be on floor in tears laughing at the USA.

Jason Sanders said...

During the duration of his time as a so called 'police officer' he's ruined more families and individual life's then he's protected! Very corrupt and dangerous person who needs to be locked away for 10 years just like the time he lied on triAL and put an innocent person away when he was 26 for 10 years! Not 1 single criminal charge on his record but you get to 'Whisper' lil girls and 'play house' with them?!? How disgusting and repulsive! ! I hope you get what's coming to you, you deserve the full sentence for what you've done for the whole 7 pathetic years you called yourself an Officer of the Law...pshh PLEEASE! SAFE IT FOR WHEN YOU PC UP! #cantwait #WAITING!

Jason Sanders said...

And many will fall away and betray one another and will hate one another. Sounds like he betrayed the badge and got caught up in his own lust and dragging this gal into it for his own sexual pleasure. One should know better and human nature can't be controlled by man. It is with the renewing of the mind that one controls it. This is a good example of nature of the beast.