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GA - Investigation exposes little oversight of child advocates

Children at risk
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The same can be said for those "advocates" for child and adults of sexual abuse.


By Jeff Chirico

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) - A CBS Atlanta News investigation uncovered questionable oversight of court-appointed advocates sworn to protect children.

In Georgia, guardians ad litem are attorneys appointed by judges to determine the best interest of children during contested custody cases, but some parents, attorneys and child development experts question the guardians' expertise and objectivity.

"The mental anguish for my children and me has been huge," said Gracie Ortiz Terrett.

She had asked for a guardian ad litem after a judge limited her custody of her 8- and 10-year-old children to one day a week and every other weekend. But Terret said guardians ad litem Raina Nadler and Jeanney Kutner were far from objective.

In court documents, Terrett's attorney alleged the women improperly communicated with the judge, dictated changes in Terret's custody, yelled and shouted at and tried to influence Terret's witnesses.

Attorney Lisa West said Nadler and Kutner also refused to accept evidence from her for 90 days while the duo continued to work with Terret's husband and his attorney.

"Guardians ad litem simply cannot do that," said West.

UT - Man shot after being accused of sexual assault by Gerald Stanton

Wrongly accused
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By Pat Reavy

MAGNA - A man who mistakenly thought another man sexually assaulted his partner was arrested early Saturday for investigation of attempted homicide.

Gerald Stanton, 44, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail after police say he shot a second man at his residence, just after midnight.

Stanton had confronted a 41-year-old man he believed sexually assaulted his partner, said Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal. The two got into a verbal argument that became physical.

At some point during the confrontation, investigators belive Stanton pulled out a gun and shot the other man once in the stomach. Stanton then called 911.

The victim, meanwhile, fled to another residence a couple of doors away, Hoyal said. After the man was located by police and taken to a local hospital, detectives looked into the sexual assault allegations and could find no evidence that an assault took place.

The victim remained in critical condition Saturday. Hoyal said the investigation into the incident continued Saturday evening.

AR - Woman sexually assaulted after government database reveals her home address to cop (Jamison Stiles)

Jamison Stiles
Jamison Stiles
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And people from the public continue to use the online sex offender registry (hit-list) to hunt down, harass and/or murder ex-sex offenders and their families. We wonder how many females who are on the list have been targeted as well, harassed, beaten or sexually abused?

FAYETTEVILLE - The U.S. government insists that it gathers our personal information for the purpose of “safety.”

But a woman recently experienced the opposite of “safety” after she was sexually assaulted by an officer who used a government database to find out her name and home location, according to reports.

The woman reports that she was sexually assaulted at her home by officer Jamison Stiles while he was on duty and in uniform.

Officer Stiles is said to have accessed a database that collects information on American citizens in order to find out where the woman lived.

Once he found out her home address, he started repeatedly driving by the woman’s residence late at night.

He did this at least four times, according to reports.

Then, early on a Monday morning as the woman was in her driveway, officer Stiles finally approached her.

The woman states that the officer grabbed her cell phone away from her.

He began “moaning” as he used her phone to access her private photos, according to the statement.

The woman attempted to escape back inside of her home.

She says that’s when officer Stiles restrained her and repeatedly began forcing his fingers down inside of her pants, in between her thighs and underneath her panties.

Despite the report of sexual assault, many pro-police accountability advocates are outraged after finding out that Stiles has now been released on a $50k bond.

Making matters worse, this is not the first time Stiles has been reported for sexual assault.

On November 10, another woman independently reported that Stiles sexually assaulted her, and she identified him in a photo line for investigators.

According to her report, Stiles arrested her while she was out grabbing drinks in downtown Fayetteville.

Once he had her alone in his patrol car, he turned off his vehicle video camera, violating department policy.

With his recorder turned off, he then took the woman to an apartment instead of to jail, according to reports.

He left her in the apartment to sleep at around 12 AM — what the woman didn’t know is that Stiles had a master key to gain access into the apartment later on.

The woman states that at approximately 4:30 AM, she woke to find herself naked. Stiles was actually inside the apartment staring at her.

She states that Stiles quickly pulled the blanket off of her, grabbed her breast, and then he left.

He has been charged for rape, second-degree sexual assault, burglary and disclosure to an unauthorized person. He has been fired from the police department and is now out of jail on a bond.

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NC - Brian’s Story - December, 2013

The following was sent to us via the USER STORY form and posted with the users permission.

By Stella:
Is this a well thought out plan to destroy someone who bravely comes forth exposing corruption? This is our true story. What do you think? He had many obstacles in his path but just like David versus Goliath the giant, he continued to fight for American’s freedom. He had autism and brittle diabetes but his strength of defining right from wrong made him push forward to inform other Americans what all he was learning each day. He brought out into the open important things which the rich and powerful wanted to keep hidden while they chopped away at American’s freedoms daily. We watched his constant struggles as he learned to put together professional websites self educating himself. We watched his daily battles to keep these websites up and running as someone tried to bring them down. Then one day he got an email telling him that he was being sued by Righthaven for copyright infringement of a TSA photo. He was being sued for $250,000 plus they wanted him to travel from North Carolina to Colorado. This is someone who is living off of one SSI disability check. He had no extra money to fight this type of battle. He got a call where this company was willing to settle out of court for $6,000. He informed the lawyer calling that he was only receiving $700.00 a month checks (or whatever this amount is as of 2011 – find out more facts by going to Google and type in Righthaven and Brian Hill). He told the man calling that this was all the money he had to live off of the entire year. The lawyer coldly told him that they would take a certain amount of this money out of his check until the $6,000 was paid. Brian went public with all of this while others were secretly paying a certain amount to this lawyer. It was cheaper to pay this than to obtain an attorney to fight it. Brian was blessed that an attorney came forth and was willing to help. It became public record that Brian had autism, brittle diabetes and was living off of a SSI disabililty check. His website “USWGO” was put back on after Righthaven dropped the lawsuit after Reporters without Borders and others got involved in the battle of freedom of speech.

Brian’s website became even more popular after this, getting over 1000 hits per day. His website continued to get attacked. Most people would have given up, but not this soldier who decided to continue to bring out in the open things that were hidden in the night and fought to keep his website up. David continued to battle the giant. Then one day in August, 2012 there was a police raid on his house. Even though his entire focus was to bring out in the open things hidden in the dark, important things that concerns all of our freedoms in the USA which was now under more attacks. The policeman who led this raid who knew personally that Brian David was fighting corruption said that child porn was being downloaded from this house. This police raid involved several police from a small town in NC, and it took them at least 3 hours to go through Brian’s small house while Brian and his family waited on the front porch with one to two armed policemen watching the family as though they were all criminals. The next day Brian’s family convinced Brian to remove his website as the danger was now clear. They were using child porn accusations to bring him down, keep him from bringing out in the daylight corruption done in the dark. Copyright law suits did not work. Thinking one is into child porn would really turn everyone against this person. How do you prove you are innocent of such charges? What a wonderful way to stop alternative news and keep people silent. Brian had never touched any child, was not interested in children. Was really interested in exposing corruption, but suddenly he had to also learn to remain silent.

The police removed all laptops from the house, took all hard drives out of desktop computers (leaving the desktops in the house with hard drives taken by police), all USB cards, memory sticks and many CD’s were removed. All of Brian’s personal vacation photos were seized as well as all of his political findings under the “looking for child porn” search warrant. The next day after the police raid where all of Brian’s computers were seized and everything in his house was ransacked for hours, Brian refused to go back into his house again and stayed in Virginia.

Brian remained free for over a year, but he wanted his photos back, all of the memories of his entire life and vacation photos were taken from him, and he was no longer doing any political writings under the USWGO name. Finally 14 months after the raid, he paid an attorney $75.00 to write a letter to the police station that came and got all of his computer items to return these to him as it has been over a year, and he was never charged with a crime. The chief of police at Mayodan, NC wrote back that his items would not be returned because there was a secret investigation.

Then in December, Brian received a call from a detective from the town of Mayodan, NC that he could now come and pick up his items as this town was not bringing charges against Brian. He could pick these up on 12-13-2013 at 10 AM. Brian ended up going to the hospital in Martinsville, VA on 12-12-2013. His grandpa called the police station the next day to tell the detective that Brian would not be able to pick his things up that day because he was in the hospital. The detective then informed Brian’s grandpa that was ok because the town did not have his things now anyway and there was a federal warrant out for his arrest, and someone from the Department of Homeland Security would be coming to Virginia to arrest Brian. He informed Brian’s grandpa that lying to a federal employee is a federal offence.

Brian’s family contacted the Virginia police to see if there was a warrant out for Brian’s arrest and was told that there was nothing in any state. Brian continued to be in the hospital, and a few days after they were told there was no warrant, someone called the house and said he was from the Department of Homeland Security, and Brian needed to come to NC to be arrested and if he had to he would come to Virginia and start kicking in doors, even the hospital doors to get Brian. Again family contacted the Henry County, VA sheriff’s department to see if there was a warrant out for Brian’s arrest and was told there was none.

On Friday, December 20, the nurse from the hospital called Brian’s mom and informed her that someone from the Department of Homeland Security came and arrested Brian there at the hospital. Family found out that they supposedly found one image of someone under the age of 12 on one of Brian’s computers, and that is why he was arrested. Apparently if one image is found on your computer, this is considered a felony. Why is ICE and the Department of Homeland Security involved with all of this? Brian is a US citizen born in Florida with a genuine, certified birth certificate to prove this. Does this have anything to do with Brian’s interest in political matters and rights of US citizens and writing articles about these subjects for over 3 years, like New World Order, Agenda 21 and NDAA? Because of the Righthaven copyright lawsuit, it became public knowledge that Brian had a professional looking website, “USWGO” that he had done himself, that Brian had autism, brittle diabetes and was living off of a monthly disability check. Why did it take this long to arrest Brian? Was it because Brian had obtained an attorney to return the items taken from his house which totaled over $2,000? Usually when one is robbed, one calls the police. Police took these items, so now who would one call? Instead of having these items returned, Brian got a deceiving call from the police (You know, the ones you think are there to help you as an American citizen. Now we know why people no longer trust police). If Brian had not been in the hospital, he would have gone to Mayodan with the prospect of having his memories returned, instead he would have been arrested right in front of his family. However, this traumatic event was saved for a week later, weekend before Christmas and done in front of hospital staff. The nurse who called Brian’s mother told her that she gave Brian’s insulin to the one who arrested Brian and a list of his medications. The Mayodan, NC detective knew about Brian’s arrest warrant, yet sheriff’s departments in Virginia could not find this information.

Brian was taken to the jail in Winston Salem and spent the weekend in this jail. His family was not allowed to visit him; however, they did take a list of his health issues, medicines and professionals’ addresses and phone numbers who had and were working with Brian and gave this to the receptionist to give to the nurse. Brian has so many health issues that he has a Medicaid waver in VA giving him 33 hours of paid assistance each week. There was a hearing in Greensboro, NC on Monday morning. After Brian blurted out that he was not allowed insulin in jail (Forsyth County Jail in Winston Salem, NC) and other horror things done to him there, he was escorted out of the court room and told he could no longer talk to his family, and his family were told that they could not talk to anyone in that room. The US Marshall was given a copy of what to expect from someone with autism during time in jail from Brian’s family.

Brian was taken to the Guilford County jail at Greensboro, NC after this hearing. Family learned what needs to be done to purchase pay tel. With this, you put money in first, and when the person from jail calls the family, it costs $1.10 per minute. Brian called family on Christmas Eve and told them he was not being given insulin at Greensboro either and was trying to walk in his cell and trying not to eat much food to try to bring his glucose down. He told his family that they were trying to kill him by not giving him his insulin. Family and friends became suspicious as to why he was arrested the weekend of Christmas when it would be hard to get help. Denying a brittle diabetic insulin could easily kill that person. This was not one, but two jails in North Carolina denying him life saving insulin. The hospital nurse in Martinsville, Virginia said she gave insulin to the arresting officer for Brian. Family took a copy of all of his medical history, list of medicines and all medical contacts working with Brian to the Forsyth County Jail in Winston Salem, NC. Someone told family to fax some medical history to the jail in Greensboro, NC. Family did that along with what his current insulin needs are. Apparently, Brian is not being given his other medicines either.

Family did receive a call from the courts the day before Christmas and two calls the day after Christmas: They want for Brian to be returned to his home under these conditions: Have a third party custodian. They want for Brian to be placed under the Adam Walsh Sex Offender Specific Conditions (due to this one photo they say they found on his computer). He will be required to be put under electronic monitoring, have no computers in his house, no phones in his house, not be around anyone under the age of 18. He will not be allowed to go outside to walk (Something he has always had to do to help his diabetes and nerves). The only time he will be allowed out of his house is for doctor’s visits. Not only will he be a prisoner in the house but any family member caring for him would be too. They fail to tell you that if you have a felon record and this is considered a felon, you lose your disability SSI check (Brian’s only source of income) and right to food stamps. Family told the one calling that the only way he will be able to come home is if these charges are dismissed or he is proven innocent beyond the shadow of a doubt. Until that time he needs the care of a hospital type setting, not home and not a jail where his medical conditions are not addressed at all.

If you want to shut someone up, take away their freedom of speech and constitutional rights. Just say you found child porn on their computer, then take away all forms of communication, such as computers, phones, money, food, right to walk outdoors, put on tracking devices, threaten them with years in prison, use the family who love them to “keep them at home”. They used computer attacks on the website, copyright lawsuit. Both failed. Now child police raids on private homes, confiscation of all computers and then saying they found child porn (even one image), and all of our freedoms as US citizens are gone.

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CA - One in four GPS devices on criminals in L.A. County were faulty

GPS ball and chain
Original Article


By Paige St. John

Probation department audit says violent felons released in L.A. County could roam undetected for days and sometimes weeks.

One in every four GPS devices used to track serious criminals released in Los Angeles County has proved to be faulty, according to a probation department audit — allowing violent felons to roam undetected for days or, in some cases, weeks.

The problems included batteries that wouldn't hold a charge and defective electronics that generated excessive false alarms. One felon, county officials said, had to have his GPS monitor replaced 11 times over a year; for five days during the 45-day audit period, his whereabouts were unknown.

"If you have faulty technology, that is a recipe for disaster," said Reaver Bingham, deputy chief of the probation department.

The findings come as nearly every California county is moving forward with some form of electronic monitoring to contend with tens of thousands of state inmates being released to their supervision, an offshoot of the effort to reduce prison overcrowding.

In Kern County, officials have instituted a "virtual jail." San Bernardino County is using GPS to track its homeless felons. And Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has floated a proposal to move 3,000 inmates out of crowded jails and into the community wearing GPS trackers.

Mandated for use on high-risk sex offenders by the 2006 passage of "Jessica's Law," GPS tracking has been promoted by both lawmakers and state law enforcement officials as a safe and cost-effective alternative to prison or jail. However, a Los Angeles Times investigation earlier this year showed that California corrections officials were aware of massive problems in their program. Citing an "imminent danger" to the public, the state in 2011 quietly replaced the GPS monitors on half of the paroled sex offenders.

Los Angeles County began leaning on electronic monitoring heavily in 2011, putting GPS devices on its highest-risk felons — repeat sex offenders, domestic abusers who had violated restraining orders and violent gang members.

Typically strapped onto a subject's ankle, the devices were supposed to collect a location point every minute and send that data to a central computer every 10 minutes. GPS monitors also are designed to alert authorities if wearers tamper with them, try to flee or stray too close to a school or other forbidden area.

By law, Los Angeles County must conduct monthly reviews and yearly evaluations of its program contractor. But, officials said, they did not review Sentinel Offender Services' work until problems surfaced elsewhere.

In June, Orange County discovered multiple failures in Sentinel's GPS and home detention systems, prompting the county to cancel its contract. That triggered a Los Angeles County audit, the results of which were obtained by The Times through a public records request.

From Aug. 1 through Sept. 11, Los Angeles County had 23 high-risk sex offenders on GPS monitors, along with 196 felons who had finished their prison terms and been released into the county's care.

Probation department officials say they do not know how long Sentinel's devices had been failing, or how many probationers went untracked.

The firm, which provides monitoring for the county under four different contracts — including a newly awarded $7-million arrangement with the Sheriff's Department to track up to 1,000 offenders — declined several requests for comment.

The audit showed that one probationer wore a tracker that Sentinel knew to be faulty for 45 days. Another told investigators that his GPS device had to be replaced four times in the month after he was released from prison. And a Sentinel employee, whose name was redacted from the report, told an auditor that a third felon's monitor apparently had not worked since the day it was strapped on.

In several cases, probationers were released without a GPS device because the company had run out of working equipment, documents show. In three other instances, Sentinel on its own decided to stop tracking the locations of some offenders — and did not resume monitoring one felon until contacted repeatedly by his probation officer.

Under its contract, Sentinel is required to document each time a device worn by an offender experiences a false alarm or fails to work, as well as record all other interactions with probationers. County investigators checking the system found those records for only three of 139 offenders before July, and no notes on 87 offenders after that date. Those missing files might have alerted county officials earlier to the problems within its GPS program.

In a detailed written response to the audit, sent to the county Nov. 27, Sentinel contended that the majority of the problems were caused by untrained probation officers and felons who had failed to follow directions.

The county employees mistook dead batteries for malfunctioning equipment, the company said; problems also developed when homeless probationers followed "inconsistent" patterns in recharging their trackers, thus shortening the battery life. A probation official noted that a large proportion of those the county tracks by GPS are transients and have uncertain access to electrical outlets.

Sentinel's chief business development officer, Mark Contestabile, also complained that his firm had "sought direction" from L.A. County on fixing the problems, but had not gotten a response for four months. Even so, he said, the company in late October began holding training sessions for county probation officers, and started replacing all of the GPS devices with newer models.

That job, he said, should be completed by the end of the year.

The company also has suggested that Los Angeles County could extend the battery life on its GPS devices by collecting location data less frequently — a proposal the probation department has rejected.

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