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THORN - Digital Defenders of Children

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Thorn leverages technology to combat the sexual exploitation of children. In partnership with tech companies, government and NGOs we aim to deter predatory behavior, rescue victims, and protect vulnerable children.

IN - Reports of Clark Co. sexual assault made up, police say

Wrongly accused
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The Clark County Sheriff's Office says a teen who said she was pulled into a white van on her walk to school Tuesday made up the story.

Police did not say why the girl made up the story.

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Police in Clark County said they are investigating a report of a teen girl pulled into a van and sexually assaulted on her way to a bus stop Tuesday morning.

Investigators said the incident happened around 7 a.m. in a subdivision near the intersection of Utica-Sellersburg Road and High Meadows Drive.

Police told WHAS11 the suspect is described as a white male, 6'2'', with blond-gray hair and a goatee. They say he may be around the age of 40 and was driving an older-model white van. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blue-hooded shirt.

Police said the man jumped from the rear doors of the van and threatened the teen with a gun before assaulting her. He released her and drove off while the teen ran home.

In addition to the suspect description, the girl also recalled some of the license plate.

It's one with the ‘In God We Trust’ with the American flag on it. That’s very distinctive, so we do know at least the van did have an Indiana tag on it,” Capt Racheal Lee, Clark County Sheriff's detective, said.

Neighbors said they saw an unusual white van in the area recently.

I noticed it because it hadn’t been in the neighborhood before. However, there were some neighbors who were moving out and we assumed that they were assisting those neighbors,” Curtis Wells said.

If anyone has any information they are asked to call police at 812-283-4471.

FL - Judy Cornett will stop at nothing to stalk ex-sex offenders

Judy Cornett
Judy Cornett
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By Kaitlyn Ross

In the months since the tragic death of Cherish Periwinkle, there has been much attention focused on violent sexual predators - and the system that sometimes fails to keep them from re-offending.

One mother says she had to take justice in to her own hands after her son was raped.

"I went online and posed as a 14-year-old little boy," said Judy Cornett.

The mother of a sexual assault victim, she says she will stop at nothing to keep children safe.

"This guy was living at the wrong address, this guy was living at the wrong address. This is Kevin Kinder. The one who took my son," she says, pointing out mug shots.

Kevin Kinder is just one among two dozen sex offenders she's helped put behind bars... but to Cornett, he's different.

He's the man convicted of raping her son.

"It wasn't bloody and gruesome shredded skin, but it was my son. My son had been raped. My son had his underwear inside out," she said.

Kinder didn't serve half of his 17 year sentence before he was committed to the Violent Sexual Predator Program, a way of confining sex offenders deemed too dangerous to release.

After just a year of therapy, psychologists at the center found he was rehabilitated and set him free.

Judy Cornett knew better.
- Yeah, she's smarter than experts?

"I went to that hotel and I handed out flyers to let them know there was a registered sex offender there. He left there and went to another hotel, so I went to that hotel and handed out flyers," she said.

Following Kinder became a full-time job for Cornett, who quit her high paying job to start a nonprofit to track sex offenders released from prison.
- That is called stalking, which is a crime!

"It wasn't about getting Kevin Kinder off the streets. It was about getting a sex offender, who was potentially going to murder a child, and at the very least molest more kids off the streets, because as a parent that was MY duty because the system failed me," she said.

A year later, Cornett caught her son's rapist with another young boy after following him to a motel.

After that, she wouldn't stop until the state pressed charges.

She says her son was never the same after the attack, and is now in prison himself.

After attempting to take his own life, he was convicted on drug charges and sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

So now she dedicates her time trying to save other people.

She educates families and neighborhoods on technical probation violations, like drinking alcohol, and helps them send offenders back to jail.

"You can't give up. The system is going to fail us. There is not enough law enforcement to help us. We can't rely on other people to help us. We have to help ourselves, we have to help our children," she said.
- And so she started her own vigilante group! (Website, Facebook Profile, Page)

Cornett focuses on the Florida Civil Commitment Center in Arcadia, Florida. It houses more than 700 violent sexual offenders, who are deemed too dangerous to put back on the streets.

The Supreme Court ruled that violent offenders can be held indefinitely if they're getting treatment.

But Cornett argues they don't need therapy, they need to stay in jail.
- And so does your son!

"Why are we spending billions of dollars to rehabilitate someone who we will never be able to fix? They are broken forever! Lock them up, throw away the key," she said.
- Everybody can get help, even your son!  Do you think your son is broken forever and should have the key thrown away?  Of course not!

Gene Costlow worked at the Department of Children and Families, which oversees the Violent Sexual Predator Program, for nearly 40 years.

He says dealing with sexual offenders is more complicated than just throwing away the key.

"It's not a yes/no, there's just a hell of a lot of shades of grey," she said.

And green. Florida has allocated $29 million to operate the civil commitment center next year alone.

But mental health advocates say that's not nearly enough to pay for the therapy that the men there need.

A recent stat review of the program found that 10% of those released from the program will ultimately re-offend... Like Kevin Kinder.
- But the re-offense rate, from many studies, is below 10%, if you want the facts?

"The problem with that question is the only way you judge it is by counting their failures, you don't count their successes," she said.

But to Cornett, any failure is one too many.
- And your son failed once, so is that too many as well?

"For this child all hope is lost, because nothing is worth what innocence cost," she said.
- No hope is never lost, but if you give up and assume someone will always be broken, then so shall they be!

Even with the Florida Civil Commitment Center, communities around Florida have to absorb dozens of sexual predators each year. In Jacksonville, 76 violent sexual predators have been released from the Commitment Center.

DC - Secret Service agents accused of sexual misconduct in 17 countries

Secret Service
Secret Service
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Lets not forget the FBI & other government officials who were caught in a child porn scandal that has apparently been buried!


U.S. Secret Service agents and supervisors have allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct in 17 different countries over the past few years, according to the Washington Post.

Senator Ronald H. Johnson (R-Wis.), member of the Homeland Security subcommittee, told the newspaper that whistleblowers with knowledge of this behavior have come forward and notified lawmakers about the conduct. Johnson added that the information directly contradicts the agency’s claim that it does not tolerate sexual misconduct.

The senator did not detail any of the allegations by whistleblowers, but “two people briefed on the accounts” told the Post they include both agents and managers hiring prostitutes and visiting brothels while overseas. One of the sources also claimed that the Secret Service’s senior management knew about the behavior and did not stop it.

Specifically, one whistleblower detailed an incident in which an agency supervisor had to stay behind in Thailand in order to look for an agent that was eventually found, intoxicated, at a local brothel. He was transferred back to the United States at additional expense, but was not disciplined.

The allegations come just one day after reports revealed two Secret Service agents – Ignacio Zamora, Jr. and Timothy Barraclough – were removed from President Obama’s personal security detail, the agency’s top post, for sending sexually suggestive emails to a female subordinate. These emails were discovered through an internal investigation, triggered by Zamora’s attempts to re-enter the hotel room of a woman after he claimed he had accidentally left a bullet with her.

What’s more, Zamora himself was in charge of conducting the internal investigation of a prostitution scandal that rocked the agency last year as it prepared for Obama’s trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Twelve agents were implicated in the incident, nine of which have either been removed from their post, resigned, or retired.

An inspector general report on that event is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks, but these new allegations of misconduct have led Johnson and Republican House Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah), the chairman of the national security subcommittee of the House Committee of Oversight and Government Reform, to pen a letter asking why the it hasn't been made available sooner. They both stated that the report should've been complete “within weeks” of the scandal occurring.

In a separate statement, Johnson also questioned whether or not the report will be comprehensive enough, saying the Department for Homeland Security has been too easygoing with the Secret Service in the past.

OR - Rape Case Inconsistencies Surface

Lindsay Peterson
Lindsay Peterson
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By Jessica Debbas

EUGENE - An Oregon woman who said she was raped and put a man behind bars for it may have been lying the whole time.

KEZI 9 News first brought you this story in July (Video). The case has since been settled, and the man accused of rape is telling his side of the story.

The woman is from the Roseburg area. KEZI 9 News didn’t release her name before because she was still a rape victim. But a San Diego court has dropped the rape charges against _____, since Lindsay Peterson’s inconsistent statements have been exposed, though she may never be held accountable for her lies.

Everyone in my family thinks I’m a sex offender. They think I’m a rapist,” said _____, who was wrongfully convicted.

That was back in July when a San Diego man tried to convince a courtroom he never raped the 23-year-old woman.

There’s a bunch of guys in a room…There were 10 of them,” Peterson said in police interview.

Peterson also told San Diego police she was 14 years old at the time. We went to Glide and talked to her mother, Theresa, who says Lindsay is in her early 20s with three children.

She likes to stretch the truth. She’s a meth user. She’s been for awhile. I’m not sure how long, and she’s homeless,” Theresa Peterson said.

The judge granted _____ a retrial after several holes in his accuser’s story came to light. A woman who was job shadowing _____’s criminal defense attorney during the original trial says there were many inconsistent statements.

She comes back, the second interview two days later where the prosecutor asked her about these 10 men. She said, ‘Oh, well, yeah, that never happened,’ she said. ‘I must have dreamed that,’” said Laura Wilson, licensed attorney.

Even months later, Lindsay’s mother caught on to the lies through conflicting conversations.

In different conversations she would bring it up, and it was always a different story. That’s when I started questioning it. I said wait a minute I thought you said that they drugged you and this or that. ‘Oh no, no. We were partying and it got out of control.’ I said, ‘Lindsay, what did you do?’” Theresa Peterson said.

Whatever happened might never exactly be known. The judge granted permission for _____’s new attorney and the prosecutor to fly up to Oregon and videotape an interview with the Peterson family, but the San Diego District Attorney’s office’s offered _____ a plea deal: plead guilty to a lesser charge of helping a prostitute and be set free or get a retrial.

_____ had already felt the system had failed him once, so he picked the plea deal. So it may be that Peterson is off the hook for her alleged lies.

For _____, the damage has already been done. He served nearly 19 months in prison. During that time, his mother committed suicide. He says she was depressed over her son’s 35-year prison sentence.

You know, my mom died thinking that I’m a rapist. You can’t give that back to me,” _____ said.

Shortly after taking the plea deal, _____ walked out of jail a free man. His dad was there to greet him.

KEZI 9 News was able to do this story with the help of our affiliate station in San Diego. We talked to the mother again after all this, and she believes _____ should have continued to fight. As for her daughter Lindsay, she says she talks to her here and there but never really knows where she is.

GA - APD Officer (Edward Rabb) Still on Force after DUI; Rape Indictment

Edward Rabb
Edward Rabb
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ATLANTA - An Atlanta Police officer who was charged with rape in 2008; who reportedly, as part of the incident, admitted to having sex with his neighbor despite the fact that she said no; and had a subsequent charge of Driving while Under the Influence (DUI) in 2009, is still on the force, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Despite numerous warning signs, the Atlanta Police Department chose to keep Edward Rabb, on the force for several years, including in the capacities of REDDOG officer and Vice Unit officer.

In 2008, Rabb was indicted by a Grand Jury for raping his neighbor, according to numerous news reports. The charges included aggravated sodomy, sodomy, rape, sexual battery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment, according to the Clayton News Daily. Rabb lived in Rex, Georgia, in Clayton County, at the time, while working in Atlanta.

Rabb’s neighbor had gone to use his shower because her hot water heater was not working.

After that shower, the woman said she tried to leave and that’s when the assault happened. According to the police report, she said she told Rabb to stop and that it wasn’t what she wanted but he raped her and used police maneuvers to restrain her,” WSBTV Channel 2 reported at the time.

Rabb… allegedly also admitted that the woman said, ‘no,’” the News Daily reported, adding “He told Clayton County Police detectives that he ignored her objection to sex, because she was ‘shy’ and ‘had low self-steem [sic].’ He allegedly told police the woman probably thought she was overweight, but he said he told her he ‘liked his women like that.’

Afterward, the woman told police, he cleaned up "as if he was cleaning up evidence of a crime,” the News Daily reported.

At the time he was placed on administrative leave with pay, according to Channel 2’s report.
He could lose his job after a hearing with the police chief,” Channel 2 reported.

But that was not the end of Rabb’s problems involving the criminal justice system.

Although the District Attorney’s office decided not to take the case to court, according to a 2009 report by CBS Atlanta, Rabb was arrested again for DUI and improper lane change.

He was arrested for drinking and driving. Reports show he blew an initial .18, more than twice the legal limit. Police reports show his ‘eyes were blood shot and watery, and he had urinated on himself,’” CBS Atlanta reported at the time.

According to, the arrest took place on March 08, 2009, at the corner of Cumberland Boulevard and Cumberland Parkway in Cobb County.

Rabb was also a Defendant in the 2009 Atlanta Eagle Raid lawsuit.

It is not immediately clear why the APD allowed Rabb to stay on the force for so long, despite his DUI and his reported admission to initiating nonconsensual sex with his neighbor [commonly known as rape].