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CA - Salinas child sex offender dies; Shot outside home

Bloody Murder
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SALINAS - A registered child sex offender, [name withheld], died Tuesday at a San Jose trauma center after he was shot outside his Salinas house.

[name withheld], 58, was shot multiple times at 10:35 a.m. Monday in his driveway on the 400 block of Hyland Drive. He died at 2 a.m. after undergoing emergency surgery.

[name withheld] was convicted of committing sex crimes against children under 14 years old, including rape by force, sodomy, and oral copulation.

At this point, Monterey County Sheriff's deputies are not saying if his slaying was a case of vigilante justice, but they did classify the case as a homicide.

A man who was seen speeding away from the scene in a white car was detained and questioned. Detectives, however, determined he had nothing to do with the homicide.

Neighbors said [name withheld] lived in the same house on Hyland Drive for years and never bothered anyone.

"He says 'hi' to me I say 'hi' to him that's about it I don't know anything about him," neighbor Carmen Cortez said. "He's a convicted sex offender? That's his history we can't really judge a person. You don't think that would be a reason why someone would target him? I have no idea."

Monday's homicide happened at the same time Salinas police announced they arrested three suspects in connection to the city's 17th homicide of 2013. On Saturday, 18-year-old Alfredo Velasco was shot to death at the intersection of Eucalyptus Drive and Parkway Road.

"Within minutes following the shooting Salinas police located a stolen vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description near the intersection of East Market and Ivy. When the Officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop the vehicle fled and a pursuit was initiated," officer James Arensdorf said.

Three men were arrested on homicide charges: Ian Salinas, 17, Kristopher Hargrove, 18, and Nathaniel Sparks-Musones, 22. Detectives said the homicide was gang-motivated.

[name withheld] was the seventh homicide in Salinas within the past 12 days.

On August 1, Victor Sosa-Reyes, 57, was working as a security guard in a 99 cent store when he was stabbed to death during a botched robbery attempt. Shoppers tried to stop the killer by throwing canned goods at him. Richard Gutierrez, 22, of Salinas, was arrested and charged with homicide.

On August 4, Reuben Salceda was shot and killed in the 1100 block of Parkside. No arrests were made.

On August 6, Giovanni Pacheco was arrested for the murder of Victor Ortiz, Edgar Garcia and Alejandro Hernandez. The triple homicide happened after a brawl broke out between two groups inside Tacos Choice restaurant on Williams Road. The large fight spilled outside into the parking lot and police said Pacheco started firing into the crowd. Seven victims were shot and three died.

On Aug. 10, 18-year-old Alfredo Velasco was shot to death at the intersection of Eucalyptus Drive and Parkway Road. Ian Salinas, 17, Kristopher Hargrove, 18, and Nathaniel Sparks-Musones, 22, were charged with murder.

On Aug. 12, a registered child sex offender, [name withheld], was shot outside his Salinas house and died the next day at a trauma center.
- So we see you make a point to show this man was a registered sex offender but not the other murderers, why is that?

Dr. Drew and guests being biased as usual, Nancy Disgrace as well

Biased idiot Dr. Drew
Just because someone wears the "sex offender" label doesn't mean they have molested children or are pedophiles. These panelists are probably FemiNazi's as well, but that is just a guess. You will also notice Dr. Drew stopped the video once the facts started to come out. Why?

Comments as posted to OnceFallen.com:
First off, the man who prosecuted him is the SAME disgraced DA that brought us the Bakersfield day care abuse witch hunt. Second, the alleged victim in this man's case has recanted and has admitted she lied about being molested. Third, the mother made a false allegation of abuse in order to gain an advantage over him. Fourth, the woman lost custody because of her own actions. (See here for more info)

And like usual, Nancy Disgrace shows the same biasness, as if we expected differently from her?

And here is a follow up to the mentioned story.

MT - Montana woman (Robin Renee Morgan) charged after pointing gun at man she thought was a wanted sex offender

Robin Renee Morgan
Robin Renee Morgan
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Just another psycho nut-job out threatening people with guns, like the Florida vigilante Valerie Parkhurst.


By S.H. Blannelberry

[name withheld] of Great Falls, Montana, is an alleged active and enthusiastic child molester. He is wanted by police for at least four counts of sexual crimes against minors, including incest.

[name withheld] has been on the run for almost a year now. And while police believe he doesn’t present an imminent threat to the public, they want to haul his butt in so he can face a jury of his peers for the crimes he is accused of committing.

Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton explained the situation to local news affiliate KRTV.com.

The question is, is he dangerous to the public? I don’t believe so,” Dutton said.

But the case is a year old. It would be best if Mr. [name withheld] would turn himself in so we can get this process going,” he continued.

The evading of prosecution is not helping. There are victims here and probably that’s what bothers me the most is the victims will have to relive this. This is a year old,” Dutton concluded.

So, [name withheld] is a wanted man. And he is wanted for the most heinous of crimes, molesting or sexually abusing minors. All of this raises a very interesting question: If you saw [name withheld] in public, what would you do?
- Call the police, not threaten them with a gun!

Well, while you ponder that question, we do know what Robin Renee Morgan of East Helena, Montana, would do. That is, she would pull out her 9mm pistol and held [name withheld] at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Mixed nuts
Nut Job
We know Morgan would do this because last Monday, at approximately 9 p.m., Morgan pulled alongside a blue Ford pickup truck in her red car, instructed the man inside the vehicle to get out, and then threatened to shoot him if he tried to move.

Morgan thought the driver of the vehicle was [name withheld]. Of course, as the title of this story indicates, it wasn’t [name withheld]. It was some guy who resembled [name withheld] — at least according to Morgan.

When police arrived at the scene they instructed Morgan to put down her handgun. She complied. Then, the officers put Morgan in handcuffs. She was under arrest for assault with a weapon and violating a city ordinance that prohibits one from carrying a loaded weapon in the city.

The man Morgan held at gunpoint was released. He told police that he was afraid she was going to shoot him, which if he moved or did anything sudden, she may have.

Now Morgan faces up to 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine if she is convicted for the felony assault with a weapon charge. Her bail was set at $50,000.

Meanwhile, the hunt for [name withheld] continues. He is described as being 5’8″ and approximately 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. If have information about his whereabouts, if you spot him or think you have spotted him, authorities would like you to call your local authorities.

So, would you have acted as Morgan did? If not, what would you have done?

Obviously, this is Guns.com and we cover a lot of stories about defensive gun use and what might be described as “vigilante justice” works out in favor of the gun owner. But this story shows that it doesn’t always play out the way one might hope.

Morgan, who arguably had the best intentions, may now lose her right to keep and bear arms. Though, that is probably the least of her worries because she could be spending some serious time behind bars.

What’s also important to note is that if Morgan had stopped the right guy, if she had played a role in the apprehension of [name withheld], many might laud her as a hero, as someone who risked her personal safety to bring a sex offender to justice. But she didn’t. So, in the end, this is a cautionary tale, a reminder that vigilantism is a risky proposition with rather high stakes. Get it right, and you’re a hero. Get it wrong, and you’re a criminal.
- You should NEVER take the law into your own hands, right or wrong!


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Diigo Post Excerpt:
Because Lunsford sustained convictions for sexual abuse in 1990 and 1993, SORNA required him to register as a sex offender. In February 2011, Lunsford lived and was registered at an address on Northwest Plaza Drive, Kansas City, in Clay County, Missouri. On May 3, Lunsford boarded a flight from Kansas City to the Philippines on a round-trip ticket, with a return scheduled for May 24. He did not use his return ticket, however, and he did not inform the Missouri registry of a change of residence. On July 20, law enforcement officers arrested Lunsford in the Philippines. He was eventually deported and sent back to the United States.

A grand jury in Western Missouri charged Lunsford with one count of failing to update his registration, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2250(a). Lunsford moved to dismiss the indictment, arguing that SORNA did not require him to update his registration when he left the United States. The district court denied the motion, adopting the recommendation of a magistrate judge, and Lunsford entered a conditional guilty plea. Lunsford appeals the district court's denial of his motion to dismiss.

NY - Police charge 9-year-old with sex crimes

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This is pure insanity! What's next? Charging a 2-year-old toddler with a sex crime because they touched someone? We wouldn't doubt it.


An unnamed 9-year-old boy from Depauville faces sex-crime charges, including a felony, in connection with an alleged incident involving a 7-year-old.

A state police investigator said that because of the boy’s age, he could not discuss specifics of the incident or give information about the boy, who was charged at 9:20 a.m. Monday with first-degree criminal sex act with a victim under 11 years old, a felony, and acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17 years old, a misdemeanor.

The incident was reported at 1 p.m. Thursday, according to the state police blotter. The boy received appearance tickets for Jefferson County Family Court.

NY - UNITED STATES v. BRUNNER, Docket No. 11–2115

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Diigo Post Excerpt:
In June 2002, Brunner was found guilty by a general court-martial of carnal knowledge and sodomy of a child under 16, in violation of Articles 120 and 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Brunner was sentenced to 24 months' confinement, with 12 months suspended, and dishonorably discharged. New York State designated Brunner a level 2 sex offender, which required him to register as a sex offender in New York and to keep his registration current. New York state law classifies a level 2 sex offender as one whose risk of repeat offense is moderate. NY Correction Law § 168–k(2).

When released from custody on June 3, 2003, Brunner completed a sex offender registration form, listing his expected residence as Barneveld, New York. On that same form, Brunner acknowledged his duty to notify the New York Department of Criminal Justice Services (“DCJS”) in writing of any change of home address no later than ten days after such a move. In August 2003, Brunner filed a change of address form listing his new residence in Rome, New York. DCJS sent Brunner the mandatory annual verification forms at his last-known address in Rome from 2007, 2008, and 2009, but the forms were returned by the post office as undeliverable. On March 9, 2009, the Rome City Court issued a warrant for Brunner, charging him with failure to register. On March 26, 2010, the Rome Police Department asked the U.S. Marshals Service for help finding Brunner. An investigation revealed that Brunner had applied for food stamps and Medicaid under a false name, Christopher Wiatr, listing an address in Utica, New York. The Marshals located Brunner at the address purportedly belonging to Wiatr, and on April 15, 2010, a federal grand jury for the Northern District of New York indicted Brunner for failing to register as required by SORNA.

GA - Family Members of Registered Sex Offenders Organize, Exhibit at National Conference of State Legislatures in Atlanta, GA

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By Shana Rowan

ATLANTA - For the first time ever, five national advocacy groups fighting for sex offender registry reform have come together to exhibit at the National Conference of State Legislatures at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Booth 114 will be manned by USA FAIR, Inc. (USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry), a national nonprofit group representing family members of people on the registry; Florida Action Committee, a state-level advocacy group fighting for evidence-based sex offender laws; and Caution Click National Campaign for Reform (CCNCR), a federal child-pornography awareness campaign.

Booth 315 will be manned by Women Against the Registry, created in 2011 to publicly advocate for the family members of those convicted of a sex offense. Joining W.A.R. is Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL), Sex Offender Solution and Education Network (SOSEN), Illinois Voices for Reason and Texas Voices. Literature pertaining to the 'End Mass Incarceration' National March on Washington D.C. 2014 is also available. All of the groups point to voluminous governmental and independent research, which disproves the common beliefs that all sex offenders are dangerous to children and have high recidivism rates as the basis for their philosophies.

Shana Rowan, Executive Director of USA FAIR, explained that many people – from legislators to law enforcement to the general public – don’t realize how harmful public registration of sex offenders is to their loved ones. “Innocent women and minor children who have committed no crime are punished just as harshly as their registered family members, from public access to their home addresses and vehicle information to harassment, ostracism and increased vigilantism. There are millions of family members across the country suffering collateral damage, and our voices need to be heard in this age of ever-increasing and broadening of sex offender legislation.”

Gail Colletta, President of both Florida Action Committee and CCNCR, emphasized the need for individualized risk assessment by qualified practitioners for all types of criminal offenders – not just sex offenders – as a tool for the court from pre-sentencing to release. “Risk assessments should be mechanisms for determination of removal from the state and national sex offender registries. Additionally, because the sex offender registry is described as a law enforcement tool, it should be used only by law enforcement with no public notification. Research conclusively shows that sex offender recidivism is in the single digits; unless public notification is limited to the small percentage of would-be recidivists, it remains an ineffective safety tool.”

WAR Director Vicki Henry states, "The discriminative nature of the public sex offender registry is causing unjust strife for loved ones that include financial hardships, humiliation, and fear years after a conviction. This is why it is so important for W.A.R. to partake in this year's Legislative Summit – to educate the legislators and their staff that the public registry is more of a hit list than a proven safety tool."

Brenda Jones, Executive Director of Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc., stressed that current laws targeting former sexual offenders often violate basic civil and human rights by punishing people who have already completed their sentences. "If we as a society take away the constitutional rights of even a few of our citizens, it puts the rights of all of us in danger," she observed.

Leaders of each group will be available Tuesday, August 13, through Thursday, August 15, to speak with the media and provide personal testimony, university research and other compelling information which calls into question common myths and misconceptions about sex crime.

We'll keep you posted on how it goes...