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MN - Minnesota deputy (Aaron Heuer) charged with sexually touching young boys appears in court

Aaron Heuer
Aaron Heuer
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By Kay Cooley

OTTER TAIL (WDAY TV) - There is new information today as a deputy from Mille Lacs County charged with sexually touching several young boys appeared in Otter Tail County court.

Authorities say 29 year-old Aaron Heuer had sexual contact with 4 young boys at a church camp near Henning, Minnesota. Today we learned there could be even more victims stepping forward.

Michelle Eldien - Assistant Otter Tail County Attorney: "There have been some, but obviously the investigations are still pending. We're talking about multi-jurisdictional issues, so the counties are working together closely to make sure we work in the best interest of the victims. But there will be some additional people we work with."

Court documents say Heuer sexually touched the boys, all between ages 8 and 10, and then asked them to touch him. It all happened in June while Heuer was volunteering as a fishing guide at Lutheran Island Camp in Otter Tail County.

Authorities say additional incidents may have taken place in Aitkin County with two of the victims during a separate fishing trip. Today outside the courtroom another woman told us Heuer also molested an 8 year-old girl in her family. She could not go on camera, but says she's seeking legal action.

Michelle Eldien: "It really does take everybody working together and there's distance for the victims. So that's kind of the most important thing, is to make sure we work the best we can for them."

Heuer is on administrative leave from the Mille Lacs sheriff's department. Right now he's charged with 8 various counts of criminal sexual conduct. His attorney refused to comment.

Heuer is currently in custody. Held on $100,000 cash or bond with conditions, or $200,000 without. His next court appearance is set for late October.

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CO - Former Delta, Ouray officer (Kevin L. Cundiff) accused of sex abuse

Kevin L. Cundiff
Kevin Cundiff
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MONTROSE - A former sheriff’s deputy and police officer is accused of sexually abusing a child over a period of years at locations in Delta and Montrose counties.

The Daily Press reports that 44-year-old Kevin L. Cundiff faces felony charges of sexual assault on a child and sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

Cundiff is free on an $85,000 bond.

Cundiff worked for the Delta County Sheriff’s Office from October 2008 to March 2011. Cundiff left the sheriff’s office to work for the Delta Police Department, but he does not work at that agency any longer.

He worked for the Ouray County Sheriff’s Office as a reserve deputy from 2004 to January 2007.

The allege abuse occurred at homes in Delta County and in Olathe.

MN - Lawmakers struggle with mandate to reform Minnesota's sex offender treatment program

Civil Commitment
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By Cathy Wurzer

Investigators are trying to figure out what killed a second person this week at Minnesota's Sex Offender Program facility in Moose Lake.

The program saw its first suicide over the weekend and now the Department of Human Services says a 53-year-old man died yesterday. The man's body showed no signs of self-inflicted injury or violence according to the department.

The Sex Offender Program houses more than 600 Minnesotans who have completed their prison sentences but are undergoing treatment. Only one person has ever been released from confinement in the program. That fact has led to a federal class action lawsuit by other offenders, who are challenging whether the state has a right to hold them indefinitely.

The judge in that case ordered a task force to recommend changes to the program. Some of those proposed changes went before legislators but never became law.

State Rep. Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester, chairs the House Health and Human Services Policy Committee. She discussed proposed changes to Minnesota's sex offender treatment program with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer.

RUSSIA - Nazi-linked Russian vigilantes busted in bullying footage probe

Russian Nazi Group
AFP Photo / Alexey Filippov
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Russian police are probing members of a group that gained notoriety over publishing online videos showing bullying of people they claimed to be sex offenders. A cache of weapons was confiscated in a recent raid.

Police is suspecting three people in the small town of Kamensk-Uralsk in the Russian Urals of at least 11 beatings of different victims between April and June. The bust on the alleged assailants’ homes last week resulted in confiscation of dozens of melee and thrown weapons, including knives, knuckles, maces, baseball bats, a flail, nunchucks, and some ninja stars.

The suspects are members of a local branch of Okupay-Pedofiliay (the name is a wordplay reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement and pedophilia). It is a loosely-connected network of radically-minded people who supposedly share the goal of outing and publicly humiliating sex offenders.

The network was inspired by the infamous Russian nationalist and far right-wing extremist Maksim Martsinkevich (Wikipedia), nicknamed Tesak (hatchet), who was sentenced to three years in prison back in 2007 for hate speech and calls for violence.

There are some 30 branches of Okupay across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Activists are expected to pose as minors online and engage in conversations with sex predators with the goal of setting a meeting. The person lured in this way is then confronted by the activists, who would “talk” to him aggressively on camera, making him confess to being a sex offender. The footage is then uploaded on the internet.

In practice however the controversial tactics often result in outright bullying of those the activists don’t like for some reason. The branch in Kamensk-Uralsk made no secret that they see no difference between child molesters and gay people, and presume that non-Slavs are likely to be gays or criminals.

Their page on the popular Russian social network VKontakte (In Contact), before it was suspended in mid-July, was a mixture of white supremacist ideology, thinly-veiled praise of Nazism and bragging of their actions.

It will be good when we have an iron curtain against all this sh*t creeping from Europe,” Mikhail Krasnov, one of the activists explained his view to news website back in July. “The regime has to be either national-socialist or a strict form of communism. I don’t care if we all have similar pants. But I will be certain that no Tajik will sell pot to my son next to his school and no homo gets him from the bushes on his way home.”

Saw Blade
The group came to relative prominence this year after they claimed that one of their victims, [name withheld], had committed suicide after the attack. The group went to great lengths to mock the 19-year-old and brag about his death.

The claims of the death stirred quite an outrage in Russian social media. But they were later proven to be false, although the victim was reportedly quite traumatized psychologically by the ordeal.

MachetesApparently the group is hungry for publicity and finds inspiration in the actions of Martsinkevich. One of the causes for his prosecution was filming and distributing a video of fake KKK-style execution of a “Tajik drug dealer”.

During his trial, he told the Russian media: “Drug dealers, as I understand, are a social group protected by our Constitution. Well, I respect our court’s decision, so I will probably have to apologize to drug dealers. I am glad that I didn’t say anything about pedophiles, because I believe if I did I would be charged with more serious stuff.”

Police are investigating the Kamensk-Uralsk activists’ computers and other materials also seized in the raid for possible clues for their alleged crimes. So far the suspects have not been charged and are not being held in custody. They are facing up to three months in prison, if they are charged and found guilty of causing bodily harm, the article of Russia’s penal code mentioned in the criminal case against them.

In one of their latest video address members of the group called on their supporters to send more money, which they said they need to pay for a lawyer. Many said they stand “for the cause” in their online comments, but just a handful shows it in monetary terms, they complained.

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DC - Sex offenders to get roommates in jail for their safety

Man in a jail cell
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Okay so they have roommates now, but who are the roommates? Are they other ex-sex offenders or other ex-felons?


By Andrew Mollenbeck

WASHINGTON - Accused sex offenders at the D.C. Jail are getting roommates, and it's all about their own safety.

Four inmates at the jail have committed suicide in the past year, according Paul Quander, the deputy mayor for public safety and justice.

The Department of Corrections is making adjustments, but there is a common thread among the inmates themselves.

"The most recent suicides have all involved individuals who have been charged with sex offenses," Quander says.

A number of inmates at the D.C. Jail are housed in single cells. Statistics indicate such cells are where most suicides take place.

The latest death has altered how the Department of Corrections houses accused sex offenders.

Get Help
"We have identified every inmate in the jail who is a sex offender, and we have placed them in cells with other people," Quander says.

"Now every sex offender will be housed with another inmate to reduce the likelihood that they will commit a suicide," he says.

Correctional officers are also making the rounds to check on inmates more frequently than they used to.

The rotations happen every 15 minutes, and electronic devices confirm evaluations have happened.

In the last decade, seven inmates at the D.C. Jail have committed suicide.

LA - SO Trailer - The Unlikely Sex Offenders

Video Description:
Should and adult who solicits an undercover agent for sex, register as a sex offender? "The Unlikely Sex Offenders" answers that question. This is the trailer of the 2011 short film, which features two women who are registered sex offenders in Louisiana. They are among hundreds of men and women who plead guilty to a crime against nature, which is a felony in Louisiana that's been on the books since 1805. In the '90s, Louisiana merged the crime with its sex offender restrictions. The state requires at a minimum, anyone found guilty or who pleads guilty to the crime, a more than 10 year registration as a sex offender and "sex offender" is stamped in bold red letters on the person's state I.D. or license. What do you think about the law?