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SCAM ALERT - FL - New cyber scam accuses user of child pornography, demands money

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Don't fall for this! The FBI would NEVER ask you to wire them money! See this link to the FBI web site for more of this scam.


By Julian Glover

NAPLES - A Naples couple was targeted by a new cyber scam that accuses computer users of distributing child pornography and locks the device until the victims transfer cash.

Tech experts are calling the new scam the "drive-by virus" and say getting the virus is as easy as clicking a link online.

"It's frightening. You're thinking about the possibilities," said Bienvenido Roman, "somebody can go to jail."

Roman says he was on the computer with his wife over the weekend when an alarming message popped up on the screen.

"We couldn't unlock it and then it said something about child pornography," said Roman.

The couple took a screen shot of the message and sent it into Fox 4.

The message bares the official FBI seal and accuses the computer users of violating U.S. law by downloading illegal content. The message even accuses the user of distributing child pornography, an accusation that scared Roman.

"Oh my God, all I need is for people to start posting it all over the place," said Roman.

Roman is referring to the picture of his wife that the computer managed to capture using the laptop's webcam, under the virus's control.

"Her picture at the moment was on the corner [of the screen], that was most scary," said Roman.

According to the message, all Roman had to do to unlock his computer was go to a store that sold Moneypak gift cards, purchase one for $400 and then type in the code.

But Roman was skeptical. "It had to be a scam," he said.

Roman says he had never heard of the scam before, but it's more common than you might think.

"Probably three to four people come in a week with a computer that they can't access," said Dave Seitz, Greenwire IT.

Now more than ever the scam is easy to come by.

"They've compromised the advertisers or they've compromised the links that you're clicking to get to legitimate websites," said Seitz, "it finds you, it hunts you down."

Here's what the tech experts recommend you do if you are caught in the cross hairs of the so-called "drive-by virus."

Seitz warns users not to pay the $450 and don't log into any bank accounts or other important accounts.

Seitz also urges victims to get help from a computer expert rather than attempting to get rid of the virus themselves.

The necessary service to erase the virus from your computer runs from $60 to $85, according to Seitz.

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Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson With Child Porn

Child porn logo
Video Description:
Someone just attempted to set-up Stewart Rhodes (founder of Oath Keepers) & Dan Johnson (founder of People Against the N.D.A.A) by sending child porn to Dan Johnson's email from a anonymous email account, pretending to be Stewart. Clearly, they knew Dan and Stewart work together on anti-NDAA nullification legislation, so they tried to trick Dan into opening the files containing child porn by impersonating Stewart Rhodes. Fortunately, Dan realized it was a tormail email and not actually from Stewart, so he did not open the attached pdfs. PANDA'S internet security expert was able to determine that the files contained child porn without opening them. This attempt to set Dan Johnson up failed.

This attempt is very similar to the July 3 attempt to set up activist Luke Rudkowski, where someone claiming to be a whistle-blower emailed Luke saying he had some incriminating pictures of Bilderberg elites, which Luke was able to see with his "view" function and determine were actually child porn without opening them. Once Luke did a video exposing the attempt, he was contacted by the hackers who bragged that they were going to do the same thing to other alternative media activist leaders. This is something you all need to be aware of, and protect yourselves against. You can expect more of these malicious smear campaign attacks to happen going forward.

SC - Sheriff: Killers (Jeremy & Christine Moody) targeted random sex offender

Jeremy & Christine Moody
Jeremy & Christine Moody
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Once again, more proof the online registry needs to be taken offline and used by police, to stop idiots from becoming vigilantes and murdering innocent people. How many must be murdered in cold blood before the police take the registry offline? The officer said nothing about vigilantism and using the registry to harass or harm anybody, so he's pretty much condoning it, in our opinion! Send this family your condolences for their loss. You can also contact this sheriff at the following web site. We have emailed them (see comments).



COLUMBIA (AP) - Authorities say a 30-year-old man and his wife targeted and killed a sex offender and his wife in their Union County home and planned to kill others on South Carolina’s sex offender registry.

Sheriff David Taylor said Jeremy Moody (Facebook) and his 36-year-old wife Christine (Facebook) were both charged with murder Wednesday, two days after a Jonesville couple was found dead in their home.

Taylor said the suspect picked 59-year-old [name withheld] at random and went to his house pretending to have car trouble. Taylor said Jeremy Moody told deputies that he told the couple he was killing them because [name withheld] was a child molester.

Authorities say both victims were shot and stabbed.

The sheriff says Moody told investigators they arrested him just before he planned to kill another sex offender.

Jeremy Moody - Book excerpt (Yesterday, Today & Forever)
Jeremy Moody - Book excerpt (Yesterday, Today & Forever)

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NY - Official Misconduct Led to 35.5% of the Wrongful Convictions in New York

Wake up & smell the corruption
Original Article


Based on the data compiled in the NYS Wrongful Conviction Database, 35.5% of wrongful convictions since 1881 have been caused by official misconduct on the part of the prosecution and/or the police.

This disregard for the rules has led to the wrongful conviction of 91 individuals in New York State. More then half of these convictions, 61 to be exact, have occurred in the last twenty years.

According to the Innocence Project "In far too many cases, the very people who are responsible for ensuring truth and justice — law enforcement officials and prosecutors — lose sight of these obligations and instead focus solely on securing convictions."

"The cases of wrongful convictions uncovered by DNA testing are filled with evidence of negligence, fraud or misconduct by prosecutors or police departments." (The Innocence Project)

Conviction rates should never be achieved on the backs of innocent individuals. Not only does that erode the justice system but it also jeopardizes public safety by allowing the true criminal to remain free to commit additional crimes. Reform is needed to ensure prosecutors and police follow the rules and put justice first. As Sir William Blackstone stated in 1765, "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" so is true today. Reform of the justice system is not only necessary it is long overdue.

To view the report click HERE (PDF)
To read the Innocence Project report click HERE

UK - Woman admits false sex assault claim

Wrongly accused
Original Article


Police are considering what action to take against a woman who admitted making a false allegation of sexual assault.

Officers were called to the Cox Lane area of Ewell on Sunday (June 30) following a report by a third party about an incident which was alleged to have taken place between 6am and 6.30am that day.

The call as made after a woman in her late teens was found in a distressed state at around 6.45am.

Following house-to-house enquiries and other investigations carried out by officers, an 18-year-old woman from London admitted making the false claim..

Detective Inspector Antony Archibald said: "Surrey Police takes all allegations of this nature extremely seriously and it is deeply frustrating when reports like this are falsely made."

A lot of officers’s time was put into this investigation and due to the serious nature of the allegation it was fast-tracked and taken to the highest level which took vital resources away from other people which may have needed them."

We are carefully considering what action may be taken again against the woman who made the allegation."

He also thanked Ewell residents for their assistance and urged genuine victims of sexual assault to still come forward.

NC - Police officer, wife (Tracy and Steven Webb) accused of having child porn

Tracy and Steven Webb
Tracy and Steven Webb
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By Mark Becker

KANNAPOLIS - A Kannapolis police officer and his wife have been arrested on federal child pornography charges.

The FBI arrested Steven Webb and his wife Tracy at their home in Kannapolis on Monday.

They are each charged with receiving, possessing and distributing child pornography and making false statements.

At their first appearances in federal court on Tuesday, a magistrate judge ordered them held in jail until their detention hearing on Friday.

Kannapolis police are not commenting on Webb's arrest, but they do say he had been an officer since June, 2008.

The FBI is not revealing the details of its investigation or how long it has been working on the case.

Neighbors who live near the Webbs told Eyewitness News that police officers, sheriff's deputies and federal agents showed up at the Webbs' home early Monday but didn't say why they were there.

"The streets were lined both sides and around the corner down there. All of the neighbors were out trying to find out what was going on," said Danny Evans, who lives two houses from the Webbs.

Evans said the Webbs had moved in about a year ago and kept to themselves, and their arrest makes him wonder about the safety of his own young children.

"I keep my kids in my yard, with me out here," Evans said.

Down the street, other neighbors had seen the activity Monday but did not know why police were there.

But once they found out the reason, it made some wonder whom they can turn to.

"You can't really trust nobody these days. For him to be an officer and kids involved, and I have three small kids and we stay on this side of the community," said Kim Camp.

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IRELAND - Rape charge dropped after complainant admits she lied

Original Article

Diigo Post Excerpt:
Charges against a Galway man who pleaded guilty to raping his niece have been withdrawn after the girl later admitted she was lying.

The girl, who is now aged 18, told gardaí that her mother made her file a complaint to gardaí and social services when she was about ten years old, claiming her uncle had abused her.

The 41-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had maintained his innocence until the trial but pleaded guilty on the day because he said he was “completely terrified” of going to prison.

He believed a guilty plea offered the best chance of avoiding a jail sentence.

He had pleaded guilty to rape and serious sexual assault, including penetrating the girl’s anus with his penis, at a house in Galway city between September 1st, 2004 and February 28th, 2005.