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How Burglars Use Facebook To Target Vacationing Homeowners

Experts say burglars are increasingly using Facebook to target homeowners on vacation.
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So will burglars ever be placed on an online registry so we can "protect" ourselves? And what about being denied the right to use Facebook?


By Mark Johanson

You’re out on vacation and you want to make your friends back home jealous, so you post every detail of your itinerary on Facebook, you tweet about it on Twitter and you check yourself in on Foursquare. It’s natural. We all want to brag about how much fun we’re having away, but what experts say you should be aware of is that all of this information can easily make you a target for burglars.

David Walsh, chief executive of Netwatch, a security monitoring service that recently expanded across the Atlantic from the UK to the U.S., issued a warning to property owners last month, saying that there had been a growing number of offline incidents resulting from information shared online. “Social networks have become part of our daily lives, but people need to consider the risks of posting their location on these sites. Facebook burglaries are real and growing in popularity.”

You may think that checking in at the airport is a nice way to let your friends and family know that you’re going on holiday, but in reality you are also letting people know that your home is empty and an easy target,” he added. “If you want to share your holiday plans, don’t do it in real time, wait until you are safely home.”

Summer is traditionally the season with the most burglaries, according to FBI statistics, signaling a time when homeowners should be extra vigilant about protecting their goods. One of the biggest tips ADT Security shared with its homeowners this summer was to be extremely cautious with social media, no matter how small of a target you think you are.

ID - Boys sexually victimized by women are not 'lucky'

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Myth or fact? Sexual abuse is less harmful to boys than girls.

When we teach adults how to protect children from child sexual abuse, we start with "Learn the facts." Here's the first fact: The long term consequences for victims of child sexual abuse are nearly identical regardless of gender, according to a number of recent studies.

Our societal perception frequently does not recognize this when it comes to women abusing boys. In this regard, a very important discussion was presented in a recent Statesman article between the Ada County prosecutor and the judge in a case regarding the abuse of eight teenage boys by a 35-year-old mother in Kuna.

According to the article, the judge disagreed with the prosecutor, who argued that female perpetrators are "treated more leniently than men and that boys (abused by women) are somehow considered 'lucky.'" The judge concluded that "there is a difference" between boys abused by women and girls abused by men. "I have a problem articulating what the difference is," he said.

PA - Ex-Allegheny County Jail officer (Lawrence M. Winter) sentenced on child porn charge

To protect and serve (NOT)
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By Rich Lord

A former Allegheny County Jail corrections officer was sentenced today to six years in prison for possession of child pornography, U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton announced.

Lawrence M. Winter, 45, of Moon, also faces 15 years of post-release probation and must pay $2,000 in restitution to a victim of pornographers known as "Vicky," according to Mr. Hickton's office.

Winter had thousands of photographs and hundreds of videos depicting sexual acts involving children, prosecutors said.

Assistant U. S. attorney Carolyn Bloch prosecuted the case, which was brought following an investigation by Moon police and Pennsylvania State Police.

AUSTRALIA - Mentally ill man placed on sex register for life

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This man apparently needs help, not further ostracism. How does putting him on the registry for life make him take his medication, prevent any other crime or protect anybody?  So are we now going to start labeling all mentally ill people sex offenders for their and others "protection?"


A schizophrenic Canberra man will be flagged as a sex offender for life, after a magistrate said she could not be confident he would stay on his medication.

The man, who cannot be named, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday to fight a push by prosecutors for his name put on the sex offender register for the rest of his life.

The 34-year-old was already on the register when he committed an act of indecency on a young woman last year. He was sentenced to one year's jail earlier this year. One day before the offence he had called police operations, asking them how he could meet women, and if he could just walk up to them and ''cop a feel''.

His defence lawyer argued against the change, saying being on the register had not prevented the last offence. He also argued police could have picked up on his strange behaviour when he made the calls a day before the offence.

But Magistrate Bernadette Boss said it was not the role of the court to assess whether the register was an effective tool. That was a matter for the legislature and the executive.

She said the central issue was that the man, when he stopped taking his medication, would succumb to the side effects of his illness, which led him to sex offending.

Dr Boss said she could not be confident he would stay on his medication, and approved the application. Christopher Knaus

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IRELAND - Man changes plea after rape complainant admits lying to Gardaí

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A Galway man who pleaded guilty to raping his niece has been allowed to change his plea after the complainant admitted she had been lying.

The girl, who is now aged 18, told gardaí that her mother made her file a complaint when she was about ten years old claiming her uncle had abused her.

The 41-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had maintained his innocence until the trial but pleaded guilty on the day because he said he was "completely terrified" of going to prison.

He believed a guilty plea offered the best chance of avoiding a jail sentence.

He had pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape and serious sexual assault at a house in Galway city on a date between 1 September 2004 and 28 February 2005.