Friday, July 12, 2013

TX - Ex-County workers (Donald Edward Huse & Billy Ray Duncan) arrested for alleged child sex activity

Donald Edward Huse
Donald Edward Huse
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By Howard Roden

Two former Montgomery County employees have been arrested and charged for allegedly committing sexual crimes that involve children.

Donald Edward Huse, 50 of The Woodlands, is currently in the Montgomery County Jail on bond of $250,000 for online solicitation of a minor. Huse was an employee in the 359th state District Drug/DWI court program.

Meanwhile, Billy Ray Duncan, 50, of Conroe, is charged on felony counts of sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child and improper photography. Duncan was a jailer with the county for 12 years. He was arrested on July 2, and is out on bail.

Terminated from his position with the Sheriff’s Office following his arrest, Duncan never presented any “disciplinary actions,” said Randy McDaniel, MSCO deputy chief.

Sexual assault of a child is a second-degree felony with a prison ranges of two years to 20 year. Indecency with a child (sexual contact) also is a second-degree felony.

Improper photography is a state jail felony, punishable between 180 days to two years.

Investigators with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force claim Huse was allegedly cruising the social networking sites when he made contract with a task force investigator posing as a 16-year-old boy.

Early in their conversation, the investigator discovered the person he was chatting with was in the same building, only 149 feet away.

The Conroe Police Department’s arrest record states Huse admitted to chatting with the investigator, and agreed to meet with a boy in a restroom on the third floor of the Lee Alworth Building, 207 West Philips in Conroe.

Once in custody, Huse said he did not have intentions of having sex, but just wanted to talk with who he thought was a 16-year-old boy, the arrest record stated. Investigators said Huse could not explain why he spoke to a person he believed to be a 16-year-old child about having sex in the bathroom, the arrest record stated.

Billy Ray Duncan
Billy Ray Duncan
Online solicitation of a minor with intent to meet is a second-degree felony, punishable with a jail term from two years to 20 years, and and a fine up to $10,000, if convicted.

County Attorney JD Lambright said Huse participated in the DWI/Drug program, and was hired as a receptionist in the 359th Drug Court, Lambright said.

Lambright said Huse underwent a background check before being hired full time by the county. Hired on May 7, Huse was terminated by the county Monday from the county jail.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force continues to yield excellent results,” District Attorney Brett Ligon said from a press release. “The work that our investigators, as well as officers from the Conroe Police Department and the Precinct 3, 4 and 5 Constable’s Offices, are doing is critical to protecting the children of this county."

There will be more arrests as we continue to hunt down these predators in our efforts to make Montgomery County a no fly zone for sex offenders,” he added.

PA - Grove City 11-Year-Old Found “Sexting” Topless Photos

Grove city 11-year-old found "sexting" topless photos
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By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Grove City has a population of slightly more than 8,000, but even in mostly rural areas, some children are growing up way too fast.

We found that there was a young girl, 11 years of age, she was transmitting images of herself topless,” said Grove City Police Cpl. Mark Jaskowak.

A parent brought the “sexting” to the attention of police.

A parent caught a glimpse of an image on a computer that arose his suspicions,” Jaskowak said.

The physically mature 11-year-old was identified and police called her parents.

We did get good cooperation from the parents and they supplied us with the iPod that was being used,” Jaskowak said.

The device was sent to the State Police computer analysis lab. It was the youngest “sexting” case they’ve seen – both in pictures and online conversation.

They were like adult conversations with sexual connotations,” Jaskowak said.

A pediatrician also had some insight into why someone so young would do that.

Because kids have access to these social media, they’re more likely to do that,” said Dr. David Hefner.

Hefner says he thinks children do and say things on social media they normally wouldn’t do or say in person.

The biggest thing parents can do to prevent this from happening is to be aware of what their kids are doing,” Hefner.

And parents need to decide when to discuss sexuality – Hefner says it might be as early as age 9.

Sit down with your kids and here’s the birds and the bees talk, whether it makes them uncomfortable or not,” he said.

Police are continuing to investigate. They say the person who received the texts is older than the girl.

She is also being charged under the new sexting law — which makes it a summary offense.

FL - Sex offender talks to ABC Action News about his past

Sex offender speaks out
Sex offender speaks out
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By Erik Waxler

ZEPHYRHILLS - "We don't like who we are. We don't like what we've done. We feel not at peace with it, and we feel very ashamed," said registered sex offender [name withheld].
He is speaking for himself and not all ex-sex offenders. Your past doesn't define "who you are!"

[name withheld] says he didn't set out to be a sex offender. But when his wife died of cancer, his life fell apart.

"I was very, very, very depressed. I was angry," said [name withheld].

[name withheld] says that's what led him to molest his adopted teenage daughter over a two-year period.

He served prison time and is now living in Zephyrhills, where Detective Scott Anderson checks up on him and hundreds of other sex offenders and predators.

"It really strikes home when you work these investigators and you see that child could be my child," said Anderson.

The Sheriff's Office has three detectives specifically assigned to keep track of the more than 800 sex offenders in Pasco County.

"I haven't gone trick or treating with my daughter in four years because I'm out every Halloween dealing with sex offenders," said Anderson.

Anderson says he often hears from concerned residents. "I tell them now that you know you have a sex offender local, keep on your toes. Notify your other neighbors what's going on," said Anderson.

Because it's not easy for him to find housing, [name withheld] shares a trailer with three other sex offenders, but he says they get along with neighbors just fine. "Once they know us, because we keep our lawns, we keep our yards, we help people when we can."

Detectives in this unit check in on up to sex offenders 20 a day and they visit four times a year, making sure they are were they say they are and doing the things they are supposed to be doing.

CA - Morgan Triplett Charged with Filing UCSC Fake Rape Report Offered Two Months in Jail

Morgan Triplett
Morgan Triplett
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By Daniella Beccaria

The plea deal would incude work for the county, counseling and staying off social media for 60 days.

Morgan Triplett, the 20-year-old UCSB student charged with faking her rape on the UC Santa Cruz campus has been offered a chance to go to jail or a work program for 60 days by the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's office.

In the deal offered before Judge John Gallagher, Assistant District Attorney Johanna Schonfield asked for a doubling of the hours of mandatory counseling Triplett would receive to 60 hours. Triplett didn't appear in court. Her public defender Jack Lamar will discuss the terms with his client and they are due back in court July 25.

On Sunday of Presidents' Weekend, when she was attending a conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered students, Triplett reported that she was raped on the UCSC campus by a man who came out of the woods and attacked her behind the student union. The report terrorized women on campus and led to community meetings about safety fears.

After investigation UCSC Police linked her to an ad posted on Craigslist asking for a strong man to exchange beating her in return for sex. In their charges, police said she let the man beat her, had sex with him and then had him beat her again.

Then, she called police.

Well, I think anyone who goes to the lengths of posting an ad on Craigslist seeking somebody to harm her or shoot her has some serious mental health issues, so I think it’s appropriate that she receive significant mental health treatment as part of her term of probation,” Schonfield said.

The new terms passed by Judge Gallagher include a possible ban from social media sites including Craigslist for the remainder of her probation. The terms also include a written letter of apology to UCSC and its faculty, staff, administration, and students, the admission of a false report, and standard fines.

If Triplett declines to accept the terms her case will be set for trial. Triplett has missed two previously scheduled court dates, saying "she was getting mental health counseling and attending school," Schonfield said.

I’m hoping that at some point she’s going to show up in person to deliver that letter of apology and she proves that she has in fact been engaging in the mental health treatment."

Given the impact this has had on our community because of the nature of her report was that it was a stranger who grabbed her on a path on campus, dragged her to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her invoked total fear in the UC community but also the Santa Cruz community,” Schonfield said.

The Assistant DA added that some parents even wanted to withdraw their children from the school after the report.

"And so the court and my office feel that it is appropriate for her to write a letter of apology for the fear and panic she caused,” Schonfield said.

The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor false report to police is six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.