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UK - Police officer (Adam Holbrook) who downloaded 16 child porn pictures of young girls in erotic poses will appeal his conviction

Adam Holbrook
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By Zachary Norman

An award winning Waltham Forest police officer is appealing against his conviction for possessing indecent images of children.

Adam Holbrook, 29, who is based in Waltham Forest but lives in Chelmsford, was fined £640 in May after 16 images of young girls in erotic poses were found on his laptop.

He claimed they had downloaded without his knowledge as he browsed porn site Prime Jail Bait looking for adult images.

But the officer was convicted of making indecent images of children at Westminster Magistrates' Court on May 16 after a two day trial.

Appearing at Southwark Crown Court yesterday, Holbrook’s lawyer Heather Oliver said: “The first issue is whether he could have known the images were being made.”

The issue of whether the images were indecent, and whether the young women were underage will also be raised.”

Holbrook admitted regularly using porn sites during his trial, but said he did not know how the 16 images had ended up on his computer.

He was arrested on August 7 last year over claims he had 16 child porn pictures on his computer.

The images include underage girls posing in underwear or completely naked.

His appeal, which will last two days, will be heard on October 24 at Southwark Crown Court.

Holbrook had denied one offence of making indecent images of children.

The officer had been commended for his work at a murder scene in Chingford in 2007 where music producer Richie Holmes was shot dead.

He is currently suspended from the Met and will remain so pending a disciplinary hearing which will take place once court proceedings are over.

NJ - Gloucester County corrections officer (Thomas Hahn) pleads guilty, sentenced in arranging prisoner beating; civil suit filed

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By Carly Q. Romalino

A Gloucester County corrections officer, who pleaded guilty to a third-degree assault in March, forfeited his employment with the county this month, the same day he was sentenced to probation.

The officer — Thomas Hahn, 34, of Pitman — and Gloucester County have been named in a civil lawsuit filed this month by the estate of now-deceased county jail inmate [name withheld], whose family maintains Hahn orchestrated the pre-trial detainee’s jailhouse beating.

[name withheld], a 20-year-old who had been charged with the sexual assault of minors at the time of the alleged beating, died from causes unrelated to the incident, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.

Hahn was indicted by a grand jury last year on charges that he arranged a fight between inmates inside the Gloucester County Jail in September 2011. Hahn had been a Pitman School Board member at the time.

The county had suspended Hahn without pay on Nov. 18, 2011, according to Gloucester County spokeswoman Debra Sellitto. The employment status was maintained until he forfeited his public employment on June 3, a condition of his sentence, according to prosecutor’s office spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld.

In addition to forfeiture of any public employment in New Jersey, Hahn was sentenced on June 3 to three years probation.

Two co-defendant jail inmates — James M. Foulke and Robert Kurth — both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Foulke was sentenced to time served in jail, totaling 365 days, and Kurth was sentenced to two years probation.

Days after this month’s sentencing, attorneys for the [name withheld] estate filed a civil lawsuit against Hahn and the county, seeking monetary damages and answers surrounding the beating.

We’re seeking monetary damages because that’s all the law really offers,” said Rebecca Higbee, the Pitman-based attorney who filed the civil suit with state Superior Court in Gloucester County on June 6.

I can tell you the money is secondary. To ([name withheld]’s) mother, she wants answers. She wants someone to tell her how this could have happened to her son,” Higbee said.

[name withheld] had been charged with two counts of sexual assault against two girls between the ages of 13 and 16.

He was arrested and held at the county jail when he could not make bail.

The lawsuit alleges that on Sept. 14, 2011, Hahn came to [name withheld]'s cell, said, “Let’s go, [name withheld] ” and brought the prisoner to another cell where “he was viciously attacked by three or four other inmates” while “Hahn stood by and did nothing to stop the attack.”

The lawsuit claims [name withheld] was repeatedly beaten by other inmates without corrections officers’ intervention, and that he was denied immediate medical attention.

The lawsuit also references notes to [name withheld]'s family written by another county jail prisoner, Robert Gerst, claiming other inmates “beat him so bad that both his eyes were swelled shut, they stomped on his hands, held him down, and five to six people at a time beat the sh*t out of him.”

Gerst claimed guards told inmates they would get extra food trays for beating [name withheld].

I know the facts of this case are troubling,” Higbee said.

[name withheld], died from an accidental drug overdose last summer. He pleaded guilty to the sexual assault charges a month before his death, and faced up to five years in state prison for each count.

Gloucester County had not yet been served with the lawsuit by Thursday, Higbee added.

IL - Former corrections officer (Robert Buchanan) sentenced for sexual assault against a 10-year-old girl

Robert Buchanan
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CHICAGO - A former Cook County corrections officer has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Robert Buchanan was found guilty of criminal sexual assault against a 10-year-old girl in south suburban Harvey.

The case dates back to 1997. The 45-year old Buchanan served as a Cook County corrections officer at the time.

Police say DNA evidence linked Buchanan to the rape of the girl.

Prosecutors say the abuse happened over the course of seven months.

MD - Former Baltimore police officer (Troy Gee) convicted of sex offense against a 13-year-old girl

Troy Gee
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BALTIMORE - A former Baltimore City police officer was convicted Thursday a third-degree sex offense.

Prosecutors had accused Troy Gee of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl while she was visiting his home in December 2011.

Last year, the WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team uncovered that this was the third accusation against him of sexually assaulting a minor. The first came in March 2008, ending in his resignation from the Police Department and three years of probation.

He was then arrested again after another 13-year-old girl accused him of sexual assault. Those charges were eventually dropped.

Gee is expected to be sentenced in August.

UK - Paedophile hunter (Stinson Hunter) run over in sting that turned 'malicious'

Stinson Hunter
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By Elise Chamberlain

A self-styled "pervert catcher" has issued a warning to copycats about the dangers involved after he was run over when a recent sting turned "malicious".

The town's most prominent video vigilante Stinson Hunter (Facebook, Facebook) is now recovering following a seven-day stay in hospital after he was knocked down by one man he had arranged to meet while posing as an underage girl.

"Two weeks ago I was run over by one of them, it was a meeting we were trying to do with a man [who was there] for sex," said Hunter.

"That is the most significant danger I have personally experienced. It was a malicious attack – he drove at me and I had to jump on to his car to stop him taking my legs, which is a bit sick."

Hunter, who says he has also previously been attacked with a tyre iron, suffered two broken ankles and head injuries during the incident.

His iPad, which he used to set up meetings, was also smashed during the collision.

Hunter said he felt compelled to speak out in response to the Herald's exclusive story last week concerning a Tamworth man who had been a victim of false accusations. The backlash from him being wrongly branded a pervert in a video sting by another "paedophile hunter" has left him fearing for his life.

The man, known as Jim, had arranged to meet a woman from a chat room who he believed was over 18. But he then received a message, apparently from the girl, saying she was only 15.

Jim was approached by the "paedophile hunter" and captured on video running away – footage which has since been viewed by thousands online.

"If he wasn't told that person's age until the day of the meeting that's wrong and I find that pretty disgusting," said Hunter.

"You cannot go around destroying somebody's life when they haven't done anything, if you are going to do this you have to make sure you have 100 per cent proof and have an idea of how the law works."
- If you have 100% proof, then instead of becoming a vigilante, you should contact the local police!

"It's a shame if he didn't do anything wrong, it's shameful and dangerous doing that and it can jeopardize the work I do with my lads."

Hunter has been setting up stings on his own for the past two years but in recent months has been joined by a team of others.

He claimed copycat hunters are instigating meetings for the "wrong reasons".

"Some of these other guys are just making a mockery of it all for fame or financial means," he said.

"Our group is a well-oiled machine. But these idiots are running around and they're not doing it the right way."

Hunter claims that as well as stating how old they are early on in the conversations when posing as girls, his team waits until the person is taken into custody before posting videos, which feature interviews with them, online and will remove them at the force's request.

He said he now wants to distance himself from other people taking the law into their own hands, claiming he works "in a completely different way".

Staffordshire Police, have urged anyone with information about child sexual abuse to contact them directly. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hardern, from the force's Protecting Vulnerable People department, said:

"We understand the desire to protect children but any member of the public who has information about child sexual abuse, online or otherwise, should get in contact with the police so we can investigate and bring people to justice."

"Revealing the identity of suspected paedophiles gives the suspect the opportunity to destroy evidence before the police can investigate them. It also leads to people who have been identified going missing or raising concerns for their safety."

"If any member of the public has concerns about online grooming, they should report them to Staffordshire Police on 101, to CEOP at, or to Crimestoppers. If you think a child is at immediate risk of harm call 999."

One of his sting videos:

Radio Interview:

FL - State attorney questions bra-shaking police (Dustin Fetz) search

Dustin Fetz
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This officer should be fired, charged with sexual harassment, and then on the sex offender registry for life like I'm sure many others in the state would be if they did the same thing. Folks, NEVER consent to a search, even if you are innocent.


By Ken Suarez

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - The Polk state attorney sent a highly critical letter to Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack after a young police officer asked a woman to shake out her bra, twice, during a traffic stop.

It started as a traffic stop, but Officer Dustin Fetz asked her to shake out her bra so he could see if she was hiding any drugs. After shaking it once, he asked her to do it again.

Dash-cam video released Thursday showed the incident, which State Attorney Jerry Hill called "highly questionable" and "demeaning." He said Chief Womack should be "alarmed" about deficiencies in training and supervision of traffic stops.

Distraught victim
No drugs were found in the woman's bra, at which time the officer also asked to search her car -- a request the woman denied.

Chief Womack issued a statement this afternoon promising a full investigation.

"This department does not condone the alleged actions as have been reported in recent days and any officer proven to be involved in this type behavior will be dealt with accordingly, including possible termination," the statement said.

Officer Fetz has been put on administrative leave with pay for four days.

FL - Sex offender signs draw mixed reactions

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Bradford County sheriff receives praise, disapproval

BRADFORD COUNTY - It has been two months since the sheriff of rural Bradford County in northeast Florida erected signs in front of the homes of sexual predators. Two have since moved, and the signs seem to be drawing mixed reactions.
- So he has wasted tax payer money to create a big red metal sign, and when the person moves, the sign is useless then, so then what?

[name withheld] was convicted of molesting a child younger than 12 and battery against a teen in 2004. Two months ago, one of the signs appeared outside the campground where [name withheld] lives.

The signs are the doing of Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith.

"If my wife or my daughter breaks down and she goes to beat on the door for help, I want her to know where not to go," said Smith.

State law requires the sheriff to notify residents when sex offenders or predators move into an area. Smith said the 18 signs he’s erected are better than deputies distributing flyers.

Only predators are getting these signs, and to be classified as a predator, you must have committed a violent crime, prayed on someone under the age of 12 or become a repeat offender.

"These are what I call bottom feeders," said Smith.
- If you want to see a "bottom feeder," just look in the mirror one morning.

While the sheriff is getting praise from many, the campground owner is livid.

"They can't even get a stupid job because of something like this," said campground owner Ruby Harper.

And the son of the campground owner said the signs are a threat to an ongoing church effort to improve the campground.

"Everybody down here knew. They didn't need a sign," said Ruby's son, David Harper.

A woman with one of the churches helping residents there said the sign isn’t helping anyone.

"This individual served for 18 months and he's working very hard to turn his life around," said church volunteer Carole Stevenson.

But after two months, the sheriff is standing his ground.

"I just want people to know where these people live so that we can protect our communities," Smith said.
- Well when someone is murdered due to your red sign, I just hope the courts find you responsible for contributing to that murder, but I know that is a dream.

The signs are made by the county, cost about ten dollars, and they're put up using inmate labor.
- Slave labor is more like it!