Sunday, June 9, 2013

PA - Sex Offender Law Could Be Repealed

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By Tom Coombe

Because of court decision, Hellertown could revoke 2007 law governing where sex offenders can live.

Hellertown borough council is considering an ordinance that would repeal a law that governs where convicted sex offenders can live or work.

That's because of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling from 2011 that held such rules are unconstitional.

The ruling, stemming from a lawsuit filed in Allegheny Couty,"held that municipal ordinances which impose residency restrictions on convicted sexual offenders was unconstitutional," the borough's ordinance reads.

The borough's original Megan's Law ordinance, adopted in 2007, kept convicted sex offenders and sexual predators from living or working within a 1,000 feet of any schools, childcare facilities, parks or playgrounds.

The Allegheny County law limited sex offenders to 2,500 square feet of child care facilities, community centers, public parks, recreational facilities or schools while registered under Megan's Law.

We've attached a copy of the ordinance here (see original link above). Borough council is expected to consider it at its July 1 meeting.