Saturday, May 25, 2013

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FL - Today, An Accusation Gets You Life (in Prison)

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By Joseph Snook

Escambia - Most professionals would agree that children lie. Young children often have a creative and vivid imagination. Learning the implications of a lie can be difficult without proper guidance. When a child lies, adults often laugh hysterically because it is so blatantly obvious. As a parent, I can relate to a child's fib and the humorous aspect of such. Despite the humor of lies told by children, the implications of certain un-truths can have serious effects. How can someone believe a child who clearly displays deceitful traits? How does a parent or an adult make the determination whether a lie is acceptable or not, regardless of its nature? How can you tell the difference between a lie and truth when a child who has admittedly lied to authorities, makes a statement that indicates a crime has been committed to that same authority?

“An even more sophisticated level of lying emerges between the ages of 6 and 8... At this stage, it's not just the content of the lie, but the motive or attitude...” -

Allegations of a 7 Year Old Girl Places Zane Crowder in Prison for Life, Plus 25 Years

Shyane Ellis, then 7 years old was playing outside her babysitter's house with another young girl. As the two young children continued to talk and play, Shyane told the older child that she had been touched by someone in her private area.

The babysitter, Terrie Webb was then informed by the older child. The parents of Shyane, Abe and Danielle Levi, along with the authorities were subsequently contacted. Later, while describing the alleged sexual assault to authorities, Shyane claimed to have been told by a friend of hers that the same thing had also happened to her. According to video evidence, there were no questions from authorities to determine the validity of the statement by Shyane's friend or the probability of this comment by another young child possibly contributing to Shyane's similar accusation.

Based on Shyane’s statement alone, 22 year old [name withheld] was arrested on June 6, 2010. Zane was ordered to be under electronic monitoring by the police and was charged with sexual battery and lewd or lascivious molestation upon a child under 12 years of age.

Shyane Ellis had claimed that [name withheld] penetrated her private area with his finger. [name withheld] was a close friend of Shyane's step-father Abe Levi at the time of her accusation. Although he denied the allegations, he was labeled a child molester by many in his community, including many friends, neighbors and the local mainstream media.

CA - Audio from an anonymous person about Coalinga State Hospital

The following audio file was sent to use via email and posted with the users permission.


Audio Description:
I would like to stay anonymous. I have a recording that I would like to share on your page with the world about Coalinga State Hospital how they are violating patients rights inside of the hospital.

Pretty much the staff had searched the patient room twice before this recording without documenting it and now this would be a total of three time in a week that he had been searched. So as you listen to this recording carefully the patient is pretty upset do to the fact that his first and second room search had cost him injury to his leg leaving multiple bruises and some of his personal belonging were missing. There are witnesses there who stated in this recording that the staff members and police who had searched his room all had their badges turned backward to were the patient can not identify who they are and the staff member had also cursed at the patient and that would be the women in the background.