Sunday, January 6, 2013

VT - Sexual Assault Recidivism (May 2012)

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They say this study compares to what other studies have found with which we disagree. Other studies show the recidivism rates much lower, below 10% for the most part.

They do point this out: "Roughly seven percent (6.67%) of recidivists had a new sex offense conviction at some point" which is more accurate, overall, but from what we can tell, they only looked at 94 adult males from 2004-2010 who all had committed sex crimes against other adults, so with such a small group, of course the recidivism rate will be a little larger. They should've looked at a much larger group. Any ways, the report is a little biased in our opinion.

This research study was supported through funds provided by the Bureau Justice Statistics United States Department of Justice - Grant# 2009-BJ-CX-K038

This study (PDF) examined the rate of recidivism and criminal history typology of sexual assault offenders with adult victims in Vermont between 2004-2010, in an effort to inform policy makers about who is likely to recidivate.

The results of this study confirmed that sexual assault offender recidivism rates in Vermont are comparable to what other studies have found. Previous research found that rapists had a recidivism rate of 7% to 35%, 18.9%, and 28%. In this Vermont cohort, the first time offenders and the sexual assault offenders with no prior sex offense convictions had 24.3% and 21.7% recidivism rates respectively. These rates were also similar to the overall recidivism rate for the Vermont sample which was 24.6%.

Overall the information provided in this report is beneficial because it sheds light on what the recidivism rates are for sexual assault offenders in Vermont. Additionally it showed that most offenders are recidivating with a probation violation. The analysis in this report lays a foundation for beginning a discussion of sexual assault offenders in Vermont.
- So if recidivism is defined, as it should be, as the commission of another sex crime, then what is the recidivism rate?