Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WI - Push for Sex Offender Residency Board Changes

Residency restrictions
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Come on, it's not that difficult. A residence is where you live, not where you visit.


_____ was twice told by the sex offender residency board that he couldn't move in with his parents, but he has been reported staying there anyway. He has been able to stay because of a loophole in the city's ordinance. It's a case that has drawn a lot of scorn from neighbors.

"Residency right now would require that person be actually living there meaning that they're receiving male that if you went into the residence you would see signs that they actually live there like they have clothing, they have personal items, like a bedroom set up for them to sleep in. Where we run into the problem, is say you have a boyfriend and girlfriend and they each have their own apartment or rent their own apartment but he or she spends a lot of time at the other one's apartment, does he have residency at that apartment or is he just visiting? Spending a few nights there? That kind of thing," explains Captain Bill Galvin of the Green Bay Police Department.

Defining "residence" is just one of the things the city wants to change at a special meeting in the near future.

Those who serve on the Sex Offender Residency Board want action taken sooner as opposed to later.

"I think residency in my opinion should be a couple of days, if you're going to stay in a residence more than a couple of days, in a particular location than your considered a resident of that location," says Board Chairman Dean Gerondale.

While there's no word yet on when this special meeting will take place, the Sex Offender Residency Board meets Wednesday and plans on discussing these issues then.

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