Friday, December 6, 2013

WA - King County workers raise concerns over sex offender office

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SEATTLE - There’s one place in downtown Seattle where you are sure to find a steady flow of sex offenders, and King County employees who work in the building aren’t happy about it.

Six months after the King County Sheriff moved his sex offender registration office to the second floor of the King County Administration Building, employees say they still don’t feel safe.

There are places in the building that are kind of isolated. It’s a little worrisome,” said county employee Deborah Kennedy. Even though she doesn’t work in the administration building, she says many employees have concerns about the 400 or so homeless sex offenders that are required to check in at the office each week.

Teamsters local 117 has raised the issue with county leadership on behalf of the 300 or so unionized employees that work in the administration building at 500 4th Avenue. But union officials say the county has done little to address those concerns.

In June, the Sheriff’s Office moved the sex offender registration office out of the King County Courthouse. For years, sex offenders had to pass through metal detectors and register at an office right near the courthouse entrance that had armed deputies outside.

Sheriff John Urquhart says the hallway was too congested and the little used office on the north side of the county administration building was a better place to get sex offenders in and out quickly.

I don’t think there’s any danger whatsoever, if that’s what they’re worried about,” said Sheriff Urquhart. “This is a relatively unused entrance to the administration building. There are two other entrances.”
- Glad to hear a sheriff say this!  Sex offenders have a low recidivism rate, and this is pure paranoia!

Urquhart said there have been no problems at the new location and county officials have held meetings with concerned employees.

However, the union said some workers remain fearful.
- That's their problem!

(I) don’t feel safe alone in the elevator,” said one employee in an email written to the union.
- Then don't get in the elevator alone!

Level 2 sex offender _____ said workers have nothing to fear, after he had just checked in at the county building.

Some of us, we’re not bad. We just made wrong mistakes, you know. Some of us, just don’t look at us like that,” said Tautolo.


sugarplums said...

I find this to be sickening and wow is all i can say.. I know alot alot of people have told me things about the WOODSTOCK IL police and this isn't too all of them mind you but I have heard some stories about a few of them and its horriable this one beats from what i heard .. I find this man if that what u want to call him horriable for doing that to child!!!!! he should be punished like any of us who dont wear a badge would get punished!!!!! in prision!!!!!!!!!!!! not just suspended for 30 days and can take it when he wants to or sees fit what is this system coming to? what is up w/ IL nothing but corruption huh? I guess what Sean Connery says in untouchables to Kevin costner about chicago and the police department he says there are good cops yes but also rotton apples as he calls them and this one is def a rotton apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so bad for that lil girl and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sorry they have to go threw this mess!!!!!!! but yes he should be in prison

Loneranger said...

Lions tigers and bears oh my. When it comes to mentioning the words sex offenders it always gravitates to this. When to enact a law politicians play the fear card often backed up with unsubstantiated re-offence rates to push the law along. Now as things spiral out of control and people are up in arms every time they even think there could be a problem and the truth begins to come out. However when you tell a lie often enough it will become truth. And this is what they have done. The fear card has been played so well that now it comes home to rest. In Oregon the neighbor state to Washington it's where they go for counseling. Washington is now bashing where they go to register. At some point the states will get tired of being harassed for giving the people what politicians have convinced them they need.
When it is mandatory that someone has to go in and register they will be in someones neighborhood. When it is mandatory they get counseling they will be in someones neighborhood. When it is the law they can not live in certain places they will congregate in someone's neighborhood. The more they add to the list the more concentrated the impact. Someone once said be careful what you pray for. With 300 million people in this country how many really bad policies can be promoted based on fear when it only takes one to get the ball rolling?
So now we have the ones that don't want a sex offender in their building. The ones that don't want counseling in their neighborhoods. the ones that don't want them close to schools or even bus stops. The ones that don't want them in libraries. the ones that don't want them in the workplace. The ones that don't want them in parks. The ones that don't want them on the planet. All these things have been promoted by a politician playing the fear card. Now when it comes home to roost and the state is faced with the same problems as the ex offenders needing to move every time someone complains and the truth comes out. So if they have a extremely low re offense rate why the over kill? If they reduce the numbers on the registry by 90 percent as they should they would only have 40 people coming through that building. Who would notice 40? If they would remove 90 percent that are of no more danger than the average person most of this would go away. To hang on to people for 10 to 25 years or even life only creates a ever growing number of people making this problem feel larger each and every year. But until it gets to a point where it gets so large and so expensive the states will continue to try and placate the ones that believed the big lie. It's time for the truth to come out. time for laws to be based on facts that serve the safety of the people rather than disrupt everyone's lives that this touches and that is every man woman and child in this country one way or another.
If we as a people would take a step back and really look at what we have created maybe things will change. Until then get out the pitch forks and torches and enable these politicians that would rather placate you with a lie then tell you the real story behind all their good intending sounding laws.

ExpectUs said... #share