Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UK - Ex Tory Cabinet minister 'caught on camera at child sex party'

Tory busted at child sex party
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By Justin Penrose, Mark Conrad

A former Tory cabinet minister is to be questioned by detectives after a video filmed at an underage sex party was seized by police.

The video, along with a number of photographs, allegedly places the ex-MP, a household name, at a depraved orgy organised by a paedophile.

The photographs were seized from a known child sex offender earlier this year and the video is believed to have come from another source.

The veteran Tory, who we cannot name for legal reasons, is understood to deny any wrongdoing. But an alleged victim, who claims to have been at the event three decades ago, has come forward.

Detectives used pictures of the alleged victim when he was a boy to cross reference with those of him at the party.

Sources close to the investigation have made known the shocking new revelations to the Sunday Mirror and investigative news website Exaro.

We previously revealed that the former minister was being investigated by detectives over allegations of child abuse.

The key witness said: “The police tell me that they have photographic evidence that I went to these parties. They have a photograph of me as a child, and it matched some other photographs that they have of me. They have a bit of film as well.”

Officers are due to begin a separate operation in the New Year into the sex party allegations as a spin-off from Operation Fairbank, which last year looked into allegations of abuse by politicians at the Elm Guest House in south west London.

While the video and photographs allegedly place the ex-minister and the victim at a party where boys were supplied to men, they do not prove that the former politician carried out any abuse.

But one source, a specialist in child protection, said: “This is potentially bombshell stuff. I have long been aware of the fact that these parties took place in London. This could be very significant.”

Detectives believe that some of the sex parties – some of which are believed to have been attended by paedophiles _____ and MP _____ – were organised by Britain’s most notorious child abuser, _____, as we revealed in February.

_____ led the ring of four jailed for killing Jason Swift in Hackney, East London, after gang-raping him in 1984.

The alleged victim claims he was ­trafficked, along with other children, to Holland by _____’s gang.

Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit has been working with Dutch police, and an officer from Amsterdam attended an interview by Met detectives with the key witness.

The Sunday Mirror told in February how the minister had been photographed by police in 1986 entering a property where one of the sex parties was being held, but no arrests were made.

_____, now 86, would pick up the unsuspecting teenage boys from streets around Kings Cross. He would drive them to places across North London where paedophiles lay in wait to rape them repeatedly.

A former officer, who worked on Operation Orchid (Video) which convicted _____ and his gang, claimed they had taken pictures of the minister and that 16 members of an alleged VIP paedophile ring were due to be arrested.

But the day before the arrests were to be carried out, detectives were told the operation had been disbanded.

Scotland Yard said they would not comment on an on-going investigation.


Mark said...


Mark said...

Oh, of course. Yet another "study." And once again - I ask the readers, does ANYTHING ever get done, changed, altered, improved for the better with respect to sexual offenders with the plethora of study results?????

Mark said...

And just who's fault is this? Once again, the legislature makes these insane laws, and the courts when in a good mood, finds them unconstitutional then the news media dramatizes the results as though the state of California is going to fall of the planet instead of telling the truth about the irrevocably stupid, blind, ignorant, political legislatures THAT waste hours, if not weeks coming up with these poison laws. You mean to tell me with all those lawyers in the state legislature - they did not know this law would encroach equal protection?????? THINK!!!!!!!!

Mark said...

"Last month, _____, now 20, was arrested during a Friday night football
game at the Orange, Va., high school he graduated from after his release
from juvenile prison. Unless they have permission from the school,
convicted violent sex offenders are not permitted on school grounds. But
_____ had received such permission, and he attended school there for
more than a year before graduation." and all who are in charge are just laughing at this!! and the wheels just turn, and turn, and turn and again, nothing will get done about this either.

Mark said...

Now the government really has got this guy! Ten years of supervised release. If this joker even sneezes, he will do, life on the installment plan and they will get him for anything just to continue to torture him. However, no one told George to do what he did.

NJ45143112 said...

The downside for some of us is that the "certificate" doesn't apply or can't be granted to those arrested by the Feds...
For us, we need a presidential pardon...
Or did I miss something?

hmmmm said...

I thought the minimum prison sentence for possession of CP was 5 years, plus lifetime registry. No?

Sex Offender Issues said...

I think it depends on the state and/or the judge trying the case.

hmmmm said...

Sorry, I should have said "I thought the minimum prison sentence for possession of CP if prosecuted and convicted as a FEDERAL case was 5 years, plus lifetime registry. No?"

kikipt said...

Yes, and this was clearly a Federal case! Do you know how long people are getting who have never touched anyone - just for possession - often as much as 20 years and lifetime supervised release! (If it concerned anything other than sex, it would be considered a THOUGHT crime, something we presumably do not prosecute!) Yet this man was MAKING the stuff. There is a clear victim here. Is there ANYTHING in our judicial system that makes sense anymore? Justice has long been a lost cause in this system.