Friday, December 6, 2013

Take a Step Back

Take a step back
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Are you too close to the problem to see the answers are there too many trees to understand the forest. I was once told to understand a piece of artwork that I should look at it closely and then take a step back and look at it from a distance and compare the two.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the statement “walk a mile in his shoes”. But how many people are actually willing to step outside of their comfort zone and do this for a reality. Most are unwilling to see the other person’s point of view. Especially when it violates their concept of right and wrong, whether that view of right or wrong is based on past experiences, ethnic, cultural, or religious believes or outright bigotry.

Here is the real problem. Sometimes we get so caught up in our belief system, whatever its basis on, that we are unwilling to accept challenges to our belief system, even though it is detrimental to us and those we profess to care about. Think of it this way you go through life looking through a windshield. Your belief system are stickers that you place on that windshield. Some examples might be; “It’s okay to drink and drive, because I know when to quit.” or “I’m doing the right thing because I’m a Christian and have been forgiven.” or “Most Muslims are probably terrorists.” or “It’s okay to break laws and put others at risk because I’m better at deciding what is right and wrong than others.” Have you got so many stickers on your windshield that you can’t see the road anymore?

Until we are willing to take a look at those stickers that we have placed on our windshield and see if they are damaging our lives and the lives of others, we will not grow as individuals, and our country will continue to crumble under self righteous indignation.

We seem to be at a crossroads. What lies ahead of us is not just a choice to go left or right or straight ahead, but also the one that brought us to this crossroad. I believe that the only one that we should take is the one that will lead us back to what this country was founded on, what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution were originally based on, small government and the right of individuals to be free from the power of the state.

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