Thursday, December 19, 2013

OH - EP. 22 - Once Fallen meets Congressman Steve Chabot

Once Fallen - Derek Logue
Hosted by: The Fallen One

Title: EP. 22 - Once Fallen meets Congressman Steve Chabot

Time: 12/18/2013 08:25 PM EST

Episode Notes: This morning, my Congressman held an open house. I had the opportunity to express me concerns on a couple of issues. It was a five minute one-on-one session. Below is a brief on the two bills of concern. You can get more info from eAdvocate here:

  1. Passport Fees for Registered Citizens - H.R.898: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2013, Sec. 101 - H.R.2848: Department of State Operations and Embassy Security Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2014, Sec. 212
    • ISSUE: If these provisions stay in the respective bills, then the Passports of Registered Citizens will be limited to one-year. A Registrant will essentially pay ten times the amount of money ($1260 more, going by the current fee scale) to keep a Passport valid as any other citizen, even those convicted of other violent crimes such as murder. This provision is an act of malice that serves no purpose other than to add a new (unconstitutional) punishment to those who have served their sentences.
    • NEGATIVE IMPACT: Thousands of Registered Citizens and their families will be unfairly forced to endure extra fees, which negatively impacts business travel and family travel. Registrants will likely be subject to more discrimination simply due to presence on the registry and may be denied the opportunity to travel altogether.
    • REMEDY: These provisions should be immediately removed from the respective bills.
  2. Food Stamps for Registered Citizens - H.R.2642: Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, Sec. 4037
    • ISSUE: If this bill passes with the offending section intact, Registered Citizens will effectively be banned from obtaining food stamps for life. The section is rather vague on exactly which Registered Citizens are impacted by the ban. Furthermore, unlike the drug offender ban in previous food stamp laws, this bill denies the states the right to choose not to enforce the provision. Furthermore, the bill penalizes entire households due to the presence of a Registered Citizen in the household.
    • NEGATIVE IMPACT: A large number of registrants (as little as 40% and as high as 82% in limited area studies) are unemployed, and ultimately dependent on welfare to survive. The bill as written would take away food stamps for hundreds of thousands of Registered Citizens. In addition, because the bill penalizes the entire household, not just the registrant, entire families, women and children, will go hungry. This will lead to an increase in crime. This bill is even more immediately damaging than the passport issue because it affects far more Registered Persons.
    • REMEDY: Sec. 4037 should be stricken from this bill immediately!

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