Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NH - Keene man shot and killed in his Pearl Street home

Bloody murder
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When is the states going to take the online hit-list offline to be used by police only? They may say this is an isolated case, but we beg to differ.

This is why all registrants should purchase a home security system!


By Alyssa Dandrea

A Keene man was found dead inside his home at 170 Pearl St. in Keene Saturday night, according to the N.H. Attorney General’s Office.

_____, 48, was the victim of an apparent homicide, N.H. Assistant Attorney General Benjamin J. Agati wrote in a news release issued Sunday.

Agati said in an interview with The Sentinel that _____ was shot and killed at his home just after 9 p.m. It is unclear how many shots may have been fired.

At approximately 9:28 p.m., Keene police responded to the Pearl Street residence for a medical call. That’s when they found _____ dead at an undisclosed location inside the home.

Lawrence Root, _____’s friend and former roommate, told WMUR that an upstairs neighbor told him that he heard a knock on the door just before 9:30 p.m. Within seconds, he said, someone had fired a gun and quickly escaped the home. _____ was found dead in the kitchen, Root told the news outlet.

The office of the Chief Medical Examiner is expected to conduct an autopsy today to determine the cause and manner of death. Agati said he is not sure whether the results of the autopsy will be available for release to the public this afternoon or Tuesday.

As of this morning, police had not arrested anyone in connection with the shooting, Agati said.

Because the homicide investigation is in its preliminary stages, Agati could not provide any information on the type of gun used in the incident, he said.

_____ was convicted of 28 counts of child pornography on Oct. 28, 2005, according to the N.H. Department of Safety’s sex offender registry.

When asked about _____’s criminal record, Agati said he could not comment on specifics, but investigators look into the background of every victim, including “who they are, what they do for work (and) where they live.”

At this point in time, we don’t have any indication that some specific part of his background played a role in this incident. We just aren’t there yet (in the investigation),” Agati said.

Sunday afternoon, yellow police tape had been strung across a wooden fence at the front of the two-story red house where _____ lived.

Keene police cruisers blocked Pearl Street in two directions to prevent vehicles from passing the home. N.H. State Police vehicles and the agency’s Major Crime Unit truck were parked in front of the house.

Investigators could be seen entering and exiting the home on a wheelchair ramp attached to the structure’s left side. They wore white masks and light blue plastic booties to cover their shoes.

Arlene E. Guyette, who lives just a couple of houses away at 133 Pearl St., said she had been watching investigators at work throughout the day. She said she thought she had seen emergency personnel take _____’s body out of his home at about 1 p.m.

Guyette recalled that _____ was in a wheelchair and took his dogs for a walk every day down Pearl Street and by her house.

It’s all quite a shock. It’s scary when something like this happens,” she said.

Guyette and a handful of Pearl Street residents interviewed Sunday said they didn’t hear any shots fired Saturday evening, but saw blue flashing lights from police cruisers in the area and wondered what was happening.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Keene Police Department at 357-9820. And police are asking those on Pearl Street between 9 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday to contact police with any observations they made near 170 Pearl St.

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NJ45143112 said...

With so many events and so many problems arising and so many legal officials showing that they are just as prone to temptation as the rest of us and the overriding hypocrisy of politicians and foreign problems from angry people and idiot leaders...

On and on, it goes...

With all that (and so much more), a light shines that will never go out. That light is formed of community, sharing, forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a light that we all share and is formed in and of us...

Often we miss this with our own problems and fears. We miss it through pride and self-adulation. We miss it when we feel superior even when that superiority is just a coping mechanism for adverse conditions...

Yet, at this time of year, we are graced to know that those that choose to live in darkness may not wholly take away our light. Science says that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every negative there must be a positive...

At this time of year, I give thanks that SOI is a positive force. I give thanks for Janice Bellucci and her efforts and I give thanks for a hope in the future that has been written but I have not yet read since I know that our father in heaven has given us the greatest gift that we may ever receive...

Merry Christmas everyone and may God bless the coming year!

Mark said...

Well said NJ! And to all at SOissues: May the king of kings, and Lord of Lords, keep his hand on all of you and all those who have suffered the indignities of political tyranny since 1994.

Mark said...

"The Connecticut Sentencing Commission
has unanimously approved a recommendation to scale back the state's
drug-free zone from 1,500 feet to 200 feet of school property.
Meanwhile, two legislators are proposing a bill that would prohibit
registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school or
day-care center." Well, lets see here, the state does not mind a 200 foot perimeter for a drug free zone but a 1,00 foot, perimeter for a sex offender. Hmm, I guess it is better that little Johnny, or Sally gets "doped" up and then maybe have sex, as opposed to those monster sex offenders who violate Johnny or Sally???????? Now truly, who is doing (I mean who are the dope(s)), and who is doing dope here??????

Mark said...

“At this point in time, we don’t have any indication that some
specific part of his background played a role in this incident. We just
aren’t there yet (in the investigation),” Agati said." Okay, fair enough. But would they tell you the truth if and when they do find out??

NJ45143112 said...

I won't say that I haven't learned from this...
After all, God uses the wicked to fulfill his purpose...
I believe that there is an ultimate goal we have been destined for that has not been revealed...
I believe that, although the suffering has been long and hard, there will be a positive ending...
I have grown far stronger than I was at the beginning and, like a caged animal, I yearn to roam free and unfettered...
Perhaps I still have room to grow but I also see a reckoning for some who think too much of their own superiority at my expense...
We will have our day!