Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nates Fight


About Nates Fight
Nate was convicted of unlawful voluntary sexual relations with a minor which is Kansas' Romeo and Juliet statute in 2010 for engaging in sex with a 15 year old when he was 18 in 2009. He spent 10 months in prison for it plus 26 months for failure to register for a crime that occurred while he was 13 and the other party was only 6 months younger than him. Now Nate is married and has a family that he is not able to live with because the Kansas Department of Corrections has refused to let him do so because there are minor children in the home. The State of Kansas' mental health professionals evaluated Nate and concluded that he does not meet the criteria for pedophilia, also there is no existing court order barring him from contact with minor children. Nate is fighting to move back home with his family where he belongs and to improve the situation of others in the same type of situation that he is in and to bring awareness of the hardships that are faced by guys like him on a daily basis.

Our Mission
To educate the people of Kansas on sex crime laws and how they can affect our children and families in a negative way and what we can do to prevent another child from ending up in Nate's situation.

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