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MN - Can Registered Sex Offenders Live Where They Want?

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Can a registered sex offender live where ever they want? We got a call from a viewer about a registered sex offender living on the same block with a school and a daycare. So what are the laws of the land? Valley News team's Eric Crest finds out.

Nearly 300 registered sex offenders live in the F-M area.

"More often than not even low risk sex offenders are probably going to be on probation whether it's a year or more," says Sgt. Gail Wishmann of the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

As part of their sentence, they have to keep tabs with their PO, their probation officer. Who won't necessarily let them live where ever they want.

"They take a number of things into consideration," says Sgt. Wishmann.

Like where does the victim live in proximity to the predator.
- Not all registrants are predators!

"Perhaps where did the incident happen at? Where does the victim now live? Where does the victim work?" Explains Sgt. Wishmann.

But as far as a law on the books, that says no sex offenders can live next to a school or daycare. Minnesota and North Dakota are the same.

"There's no law as far as how close you can live to schools or daycare," says Sgt. Wishmann.

With one exception, if the offender is on probation it might be a part of their restrictions.

"Now if somebody is convicted and their moving and decide I am going to live right next door to a daycare, and their on probation. There's a good possibility that the probation officer will not allow that," says Sgt. Wishmann.

In other circumstances the outcome may be surprising though.

"Some people are surprised cause why should they have that right. Well, if they own a home there and have lived there their whole lives do we really expect them to sell their home and move?" Asks Sgt. Wishmann.

So if a registered sex offender isn't on probation there's little restricting them on where they live. But you can always contact your local sheriff's office to find out or visit your counties website.

The Cass County Sheriff's office says they regularly receive calls about where sex offenders can live and here's the surprising part, they come from both concerned parents and convicted offenders themselves, who are trying to stay within compliance with the law.

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