Friday, December 20, 2013

MI - The destruction of my family

User story
The following was sent to us via the USER STORY form and posted with the users permission.

By Lemmony:
In 1997 I was convicted as a sex offender for being introduced to a girl in a bar I was unaware was underage.

It is now almost 20 years later and I have teenage children and a family of my own. Every year the registry's keep adding new sentencing. My children have been beaten, sexually harassed in school, tormented in church, refused association with friends. Both have attempted suicide and drugs because of the pressure and shame they are under. Our house has been vandalized. Vehicles wrecked.. I have lost employment and my ability to care for my family. My wife has lost her employment because of the registry, she went over seas to visit her sick family and has been refused re-entry into America because of the registry I am on. She has not been able to see our children in over 5 years, leaving me to raise them alone. As of last year I am now not even able to leave the country to see her. It is well documented that state police have used the registry to "peek" in my daughters rooms while they were changing.. I guess it is legal according to the state police to be peeping toms and perverts if it is a registered offenders kids they are spying on.. Now the state of Michigan is again adding more fines and yearly fee's for me to pay for the privilege of allowing them to torment my family.. When is enough enough? Is it time for the gas chambers yet?

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