Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IN - Parole officer (C-Michael Sproessig) charged with raping parolee

C-Michael Sproessig
C-Michael Sproessig
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DEARBORN (WKRC) - A parole officer with raping a parolee.

C-Michael Sproessig is accused of rape, sexual battery, intimidation, and official misconduct. The investigation started when a parolee said the former Indiana state parole officer brought her a box of condoms on his first visit.

Dep. Dearborn County Prosecutor, Jeff Sharp, said, "The allegation is he told her there are two ways to be paroled, the easy way or the hard way."

According to court documents they had sex on the next visit.

The parolee says she felt she had no choice because it was up to her parole officer whether or not she got to stay out of prison.

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