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HI - Hawaii Researcher Studies Effects Of Child Pornography

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We do not agree with this finding, but we are not experts either. This may be like when something is illegal, people want it, but when it's legal, people don't want it anymore?


Says Porn Lowers Sex Abuse Of Children

HONOLULU - A University of Hawaii researcher believes some form of child pornography could be beneficial, based on his findings from years of evidence.

Pornography is easily accessible in America and accepted by millions, but it is a different story when it comes to child pornography.

"I think it's very disgusting thing that men and women partake in it. It is very dehumanizing for a student or a child to endure that kind of abuse," said Marcia Howard, of Waimanalo.

Looking over decades of data from countries where pornography was illegal but is now legal, University of Hawaii researcher professor Milton Diamond discovered something significant.

"Everywhere that pornography has been introduced sex crimes have gone down," said Diamond.

Especially sex crimes committed against children.

"In those three countries where child porn is legal the sex abuse against children is very low and it has gone down compared to when it was illegal," added Diamond.

That startling fact, along with his study will be published Wednesday in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Diamond said child pornography gives would-be abusers a different outlet to channel their desires.

"We think the perpetrator is more likely to use pornography to masturbate and not go after kids, so we think it's better for kids," said Diamond.

Diamond made it clear, he is not a proponent of using children for pornography.

"I don't think they should use kids to make child porn. They can do it artificially and if that reduces child sex crimes, I think that is a plus," said Diamond.

But some worried encouraging any pedophilic behavior is just asking for trouble.

"What's to say a person watching a porn with a doll wouldn't get tired of a doll and then want to find a vulnerable child to do that with. I don't think that's a good idea at all," said Howard.

As part of his research Diamond also looked at countries that have recently made child pornography illegal and said the rate of child sex abuse there is rising.


Mark said...

"In those three countries where child porn is legal the sex abuse
against children is very low and it has gone down compared to when it
was illegal," added Diamond." So, by allowing child porn, which is almost and virtually illegal, and immoral on all levels, this action lowers yet another immoral action, actual child molestation. Now to me, if this is not a moral, legal, psychological, and legal oxymoron, and conundrum, it baffles me.

Michael said...

Many people who suffer from pedophilia don't want to molest a child, whether because they don't want to cause harm or because they don't have easy access to a child or because they are afraid of the consequences. If they can use child porn to temporarily satisfy their sexual cravings then they will not feel driven to seek out encounters with children. It is the lesser of two evils.

NJ45143112 said...

Studies have shown (including those conducted by the BOP) that most actual child molesters didn't turn to molestation after seeing porn...
They turned to it as a part of their nature. Oftentimes the porn came during their offense stage or after...
To say that access to porn will reduce the actual hands-on offense is compelling in that it recognizes that there are those who need help. This is like giving a drug abuser a different type of stimulus to ween them off their habit...
However, "punish and forget" mentality in the U.S. which is spearheaded by glory-hound politicians and the media seem to forget that humans are made with flaws. The purpose of life is to try and overcome or learn from our faults and, if at all possible, to help others to overcome theirs. It's community that gives life meaning and it's community that our society lacks...
Rallying together for the common good doesn't seem to work in our society. The only thing that brings us together is the exposure of the more debased side of our natures when seen in others. We feel better when somebody else is outed for some action that, obviously, we are not prone to. Yet, under similar circumstances, we know fool well that we could do the same but are afraid to admit it (even to ourselves)...
In any event, the researchers claims are wrong on may levels since continued use of porn is damaging to many people (even if virtual). On the other hand, simply tossing these people under a bus is not an answer either. Destroying others to make ourselves feel superior is even more destructive to society than watching porn! The damage is becoming more evident everyday but the people that need to see it are completely blind!
Still, there are still those in the world that try to see past the propaganda, the lies and the false assumptions and work to heal our society and it's members. These are the people that hold hands at Christmas, give to the needy and offer a helping hand to those in need. As the Santa said in "Miracle on 34th Street," "Christmas need not be a day that comes only once a year" (or something like that)...
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra put it this way: "To know who needs help, you need only just ask..."
The article above offers a chance to help ween pornography out of our society and bring the ostracized back into the fold. But I seriously doubt that our government will allow something that proactive to take place...

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