Saturday, December 28, 2013

GA - Investigation exposes little oversight of child advocates

Children at risk
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The same can be said for those "advocates" for child and adults of sexual abuse.


By Jeff Chirico

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) - A CBS Atlanta News investigation uncovered questionable oversight of court-appointed advocates sworn to protect children.

In Georgia, guardians ad litem are attorneys appointed by judges to determine the best interest of children during contested custody cases, but some parents, attorneys and child development experts question the guardians' expertise and objectivity.

"The mental anguish for my children and me has been huge," said Gracie Ortiz Terrett.

She had asked for a guardian ad litem after a judge limited her custody of her 8- and 10-year-old children to one day a week and every other weekend. But Terret said guardians ad litem Raina Nadler and Jeanney Kutner were far from objective.

In court documents, Terrett's attorney alleged the women improperly communicated with the judge, dictated changes in Terret's custody, yelled and shouted at and tried to influence Terret's witnesses.

Attorney Lisa West said Nadler and Kutner also refused to accept evidence from her for 90 days while the duo continued to work with Terret's husband and his attorney.

"Guardians ad litem simply cannot do that," said West.


getting closer to the street said...

Anyone could access information - now the police ? , and can't get that right . They still needed the old fashioned phone call complaint and follow up . I hope that John Walsh of the AWA see's this and is made to make a national interview response for free . AS IN NO CHARGE , along with Laura Ahern of megans law . But I think they are running away from responsibility . John Walsh passing the baton to John Ryan ,and Laura Ahearn passing the baton to homeland security . If I'm right ,what they are doing is a diversion and a real threat to all citizens of the United States . But I don't think they care $$$$$$$ . And everyone is falling for it . It's really sad no balls and such a big field . Now we need grant funding to monitor the cops ?. This is way out of control .

getting closer to the street said...

If Stiles is found guilty will he have to register as a sex offender , and how would that differ from the current laws . Fifteen hundred feet from bars , police stations and loose drunk'en woman . Or schools , play grounds , bus stops , and restricted housing .