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CT - Bipartisan effort to prevent sex offenders from living near schools

Snake oil salesman
Snake oil salesman
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By Amity Observer

WOODBRIDGE - State Rep. Themis Klarides (R-114) and State Sen. Joseph J. Crisco, Jr. (D-17) announced they will introduce legislation in the upcoming legislative session that will restrict sex offenders from living near schools or daycare centers.
- Just because you restrict them from living near these places that doesn't mean they cannot commit another sexual crime at one of these places, if they chose to do so!  Residency laws are only about where someone sleeps at night, nothing more, and doesn't prevent crime or protect anybody from someone who may potentially be dangerous, it's just fodder for politicians to use to exploit fear, children and ex-offenders to help themselves "look tough" on crime while doing nothing!

The policy, which Rep. Klarides originally proposed in 2007, would establish “Child Safety Zones” – a 1,000 foot radius around schools, daycares and other locations where children typically gather – and prohibit any registered sex offender from residing there.

The proposal would also carry more severe penalties and increased fines for crimes committed within the zones. Rep. Klarides has proposed similar legislation in the past, but was met with resistance from majority party legislators who instead voted to dilute the policy.

Why you lurking?
The last thing a parent should have to worry about when they send their child to school is whether a depraved sex offender is lurking around the corner from the jungle gym or classroom,” said Klarides, deputy House Republican leader. “Keeping sex offenders away from kids is a common sense policy that many people assume is already in place, but has been met with inexcusable opposition from other legislative leaders in the past several years.”

I call on my colleagues to do the right thing for our communities and support this legislation when the 2014 Session convenes,” she said.

State statutes require known sex offenders and predators to register their whereabouts for very good reason – to safeguard residents and protect them from any recurrence of previous behavior that prompted registration in the first place,” State Sen. Joseph J. Crisco Jr. said. “This initiative is a straightforward extension of these safeguards and protections and if enacted, will help separate those on the registry from schools and daycare centers where children congregate.”

The upcoming 2014 legislative session convenes Feb. 5, 2014.

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