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UK - I'm ashamed, says woman (Natasha Foster) who made false rape claim

Natasha Foster
Natasha Foster
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A young Ballymena woman who falsely cried rape two years ago then spilled the truth to police said she is "ashamed" of herself.

Young mum Natasha Foster (23) told police in November 2011 that she had been raped but two days later the liar came clean.

However, before she told police the truth they had arrested, questioned and put the man falsely accused of her rape in a cell.

Later this month she will be sentenced for perverting the course of justice by knowingly providing a false statement.

The mum-of-one said police didn't believe her at first when she came clean and thought she was just trying to protect the man she falsely accused of raping her.

"They thought I was making it up. They thought I was lying to get him out of trouble," she said.

Foster claims she now wishes the whole thing had never happened. She said: "I really regret it, if I could turn back time and change it I would."

"It's taken two years for the court case to come about so it's just sort of hit me all at once now."

She has also realised the repercussions her actions may have on genuine rape victims.

"At the end of the day there are rape victims out there and it has effectively messed their whole lives up. I can understand how angry they would be at me."

Foster also revealed that friends of hers have been the victims of genuine serious sexual assaults.

"I have seen what they have went through. They will never be right in their life again," she said.

Commenting on her remorse, she said: "It was just selfishness, stupidity. I am ashamed of myself to be quite honest."

Natasha said she will take whatever sentence is handed down to her "on the chin" but is worried about the impact it will have on her family.

"I am not even worried about going to jail for myself, it's my child that I am worried for," she told the Sunday Life.

Foster was due to be sentenced at Antrim Crown Court last week but the case was adjourned to determine whether her victim, who remains anonymous to protect his identity, could appear in court.

Judge Desmond Marrinan said he was worried about the possibility the man could suffer "added damage" if he appears in court.

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Loneranger said...

gee whoops. Now if we could get our politicians to say that.Well everyone has an opinion and we have sure heard what the law makers say on this. When they stand there and say sex offenders have a high rate of re-offending and the very same system they think they are sighting from says different. How can this ever be? Well when it comes to politicians how can you tell if they are lying? Their lips are moving. So now IMO they need to take this so called new information and start saving the tax payers some money with it. Just think if people could get jobs they could pay taxes. One of the things dearest to any politicians heart. They could save on welfare and that is much better than just a few dollars in taxes to most of them. Then of course they might have enough cops left over with nothing to do to maybe lower the crime rate some. gee and all it would take is for some of them to tell the truth.Well when you tell one lie you always need to tell another to cover up the first. Will they all of a sudden become honest? would be nice if they did.