Sunday, November 10, 2013

TX - Texas Scientists Given Green Light To Use Sex Offenders For Medical Research (Satire)

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Next stop... Nazi style concentration camps and badges?

This is satire. The National Report is a known satire site.


Sutton - Hundreds of violent and predatory sex offenders are being transferred from multiple correctional facilities all over Texas to a specialized medical research facility where they will spend the rest of their lives being used as subjects in medical experimentation and testing.

In a bold move Texas congress passed a bill in early October to give researchers permission to use the most violent, predatory, repeat sex offenders as the first human subjects who will be used in more cutting edge clinical inquiries.

The facility which is located in Sutton County is being praised worldwide as bringing medical research to the next crucial level. Several researchers are clamoring to bring their talent to the practice. Having the opportunity to work with human subjects will give scientists the opportunity to develop sophisticated new treatments and surgical procedures that will eventually be saving lives.

During a recent press conference designed to inform the public about the facility and it’s goals, a handful of people expressed distaste for the program claiming it was inhumane and unethical to use humans in research against their will regardless of their crimes. Senior biologist Andre Bordeaux who will be the primary director of the program had this to say:

“With This New Program These Offenders Will At Least Be Able to Provide Something Of Value To Society…”

Insane Asylum
These are people who have committed horrific crimes and have shown no chance of ever being receptive to any kind of rehabilitation or treatment. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year to persecute, convict and house these criminals year after year. They are people who contribute absolutely nothing to society other than the pain and anguish that their victims must endure for the rest of their lives. Really, there is no justice in that process. With this new program, these offenders will at least be able to provide something of value to society. We realize that many see this as a cruel and unusual solution, but the majority of the public has agreed that these people basically revoked their rights to be treated with respect and dignity the moment they chose to commit their crimes.”

Others were overjoyed, many of them former victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by the men who were being used in the program. “This really gives me a complete sense of closure” commented Karen Kennedy at the press conference. She had been the victim of a repeat violent offender back in 1992 who was now being transferred to the institute. “I am happy that he will never be able to hurt any more children. It’s good too that they are putting him to good use. Any suffering he may experience in the process of course is an bonus” she added with a sadistic smile.

So the Nazi's did come to the USA!


bkzalley said...

I think this article is satire. The author of this piece of crap has written other crap

It is all BS!

g4change said...

I was about to say...this has to be total bs!!!

Michael said...

The National Report is a satire website, just like The Onion. It is not meant to be interpreted as actual news.

Sex Offender Issues said...

We'd have to agree.

Loneranger said...

Very disturbing for me as the person that wrote this lives in my state. I wonder why she would write such a horrific piece and the fact she lives in Portland makes me wonder what kind of mindset she is trying to produce. It did bring to mind the fact that Oregon's old asylum in Salem was used in one flew over the cuckoo's nest. However that movie really had nothing to do with experiments but was in Oregon. I know a little about that place as I had an Aunt that spent most of her adult life there. Not that nice of a place as they did frontal lobotomies as well as involuntary sterilizations. Electric shock treatments were common. I have no idea if these kinds of things can be called human experimentation but we have all heard of places like this and kind of write it off as treatment. So we will never really know what went on behind the closed doors. This wasn't that long ago and sex offenders were apart of the program if they were seen as criminally insane and property of the state. Just kind of a interesting part of Oregon's history as a side note.
The idea that they could take prisoners and do experiments on them is not a new one. I have an idea this isn't real. But the way the world is going could this really happen again in the USA? Well they have done it before and I thought we have gotten away from such things as they were ruled inhuman. But a rule is only a law and laws change depending on the times.
Given how our health care is now being managed by the government could they deem sex offenders insane by rule of law?
Really makes one wonder how far they are willing to go.
I went to the original article and read what some were saying. Even though this can't be true at least I would assume it not. Some were saying this is a great idea and the value they placed on offenders justified the idea. Really have we sunk to a new low?
Satire like this the same as science fiction can lead to people getting some really bad ideas. Politicians are not the sharpest tools in the shed at times and don't need any help.

shiners said...

Actually I really like these articles and I think there should be more. It informs the public about the rabbit hole that are sex offender laws. They keep adding more and more laws until, yes, one day they may say that there will be an experiment to use volunteer sex offenders for clinical research and eventually they will just pick some at random and pull you out of your home.
I think it's important to see where sex offender laws are going so they can draw the line somewhere. It's always the thin edge of the wedge with these laws. You make a law that rides that line, they leave it there until everyone is comfortable with it, and then they make another one that is closer to that line.
I bet if you told someone 30 years ago that one day you wouldn't be allowed to live near a park if you had consensual sex with an underage girlfriend in high school (I was 18 the majority of my senior year in high school), they would think you are crazy. Now everyone accepts it.

Sex Offender Issues said...

We tend to agree.

Loneranger said...

really where I was going without really going there. And your correct when you talk about how things are on the edge as far as laws go and the way they make it acceptable. There are many ways they could do this. Be it through popular beliefs of society created by politicians or pure ignorance of society in general. Or both. A very dangerous time we live in as the witch hunt goes on and the devaluation of humans is seen as normal. And no one would believe society would ever go this nuts back in the day. but back then they were drilling holes in peoples heads to make them sane again. So who knows what things they can justify and really to drag someone out of their home isn't that far fetched. So maybe they want to try implanting tracking devices in brains. Who knows but they really need to get a grip on what a human life is worth as right now it's not much to some.

Happy, Joyous and Free said...

It is definitely satire. Sadly, many will believe it and will actually think it is a great idea. Hopefully, people will eventually figure out that it is satire.

It saddens me that someone would write such a piece, as it creates far more harm than good, and may give people ideas that this kind of research is a good thing. Foolish and simple-minded people are easily led. Then again, so are many people in this country.

If anyone really wants to know the Federal laws on human subjects research, go to this link: You can thank former President Ronald Reagan.

I used to belong to a Human Subjects Review Board at a major university and was specifically a specialist on Prisoner Research. I was on the board for 5 years. I am extremely familiar with prison research. It would take a lot of mismanagement, lying and illegal activity for something like this to actually happen.

Priapus said...

Everyone, please read

In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near-Triumph of American Eugenics, by Victoria F. Nourse and

Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell by Paul A. Lombardo.

This fight is much bigger than it seems.

Mark said...

Stay tuned, Skinner may be abrogated in the near future with regard to crimes of "moral turpitude" folks. To Priapus, my works well - thank you!

Priapus said...

Mark, you're welcome but I must admit to being a little confused by your comment.

Karina1 said...

It didn`t give me the idea that this would be good I, and many others, have always thought it would definitely be a good idea. At least they would be useful and innocent lives would be saved. I am not foolish or simple minded and I knew it was satire, sadly.

Grizzly907 said...

Damn I hope it was true and libturds quit equating repeat sex offenders IE rapists, child molesters etc to the Jews and others who were viciously slaughtered in Nazi concentration camps. They are not the same. Its the height of idiocy. One group is a group of savage animals that have preyed on children and women on a regular basis and the other was a victim of a madman's twisted view of race and evolution.

I love it how libcommies champion the rights of vicious criminals, trees, illegal aliens, and despots while at the same time defending the right to murder unborn children, shit on veterans (calling them war criminals and baby killers,) tax the hard working middle class, small businessman and condone the persecution of bible believing Christians. Liberalism=opposite land where good is bad, and bad is good. Liberalism is a disease.