Monday, November 18, 2013

OK - Sex offender takes action against deputy who wrongfully arrested him

To serve and protect?
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By Rebecca Schleicher

A man from Hulbert convicted of rape 19 years ago spent nearly two decades on the sex offender registry.

This summer a state Supreme Court ruling got _____ off the list, but now he says he's being harassed by at least one investigator who is disregarding the law.

When _____ was 19 he dated a girl four years younger.

"We had just went out once or twice and wound up sleeping together and that was you know that was basically it," he said.

But that wasn't it. The 15-year-old girl's parents pressed charges for statutory rape and _____ became a sex offender. He registered as one for 19 years.

"It has basically ruined my life," he said.

Since then a lot's changed. He has a girlfriend now, and a family. And this summer the Supreme Court ruling struck down the law that would make him register for life. Instead, he's responsible for just 10 years.

"He registered nine more years than the law required," said _____'s attorney David Slane.

_____ says Cherokee County Investigator James Brown, who keeps up with sex offenders in the county, constantly follows him or has other officers following him whenever he goes into town. And despite the ruling, on November 2, Brown arrested _____.

"He had moved and changed his address he hadn't notified us of the change of address so that's why he was arrested," said Undersheriff Jason Chennault.

_____ says he showed Brown his official court order, proving he was off the registry since early October. He keeps it on him at all times.

"I had it in my back pocket, I pulled it out, handed it to Mr. Brown, he laughed at me, told me it was no good...and also told me he was my God and I would answer to him," _____ said.

Chennault says his investigator can't just take a possible criminal's word at face value.

"He said that, but we hadn't gotten any notification about that, there was nothing in the database about that," Chennault said.

_____'s attorney thinks Brown should lose his job over the wrongful arrest. He's filing an official complaint with CLEET.

"Officers have got to understand that if people have a court order like this they need to stop and they need to use those investigative tools that they've been trained with to see if this is valid," said Slane.

Meanwhile the county maintains it's people did their jobs.

"So as far as you know everything happened the way it was supposed to happen?" asked reporter Rebecca Schleicher.

"Correct," Chennault responded.

_____ says he doesn't care whether or not Brown loses his job, he just wants the unwanted attention to stop.

"I feel I've been cheated...this has been going on for 19 years, I would like the chance to live my life."

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