Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NETHERLANDS - Virtual child (en)traps online "pedophiles"

Virtual child "Sweetie"
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Terre des Hommes - An international charity which concentrates on children’s rights based in the Netherlands has created a virtual 10-year-old girl “from the Philippines” named “Sweetie.”

Sweetie was designed to track down, and hopefully convict, online pedophiles who use “webcam child sex tourism.”

I’m not sure where Terre des Hommes got these numbers, but they state at any given moment there are least 750,000 pedophiles online. That’s a staggering number of nonces with webcams, IMO.
- Hmm, 750,000 pedophiles?  Yeah right!  That number is very close to the number of sex offenders in the USA, but a majority of them are not pedophiles!

Warning: This video may be upsetting to some viewers


Mark said...

OMG! NOT ANOTHER SEX OFFENDER LOOPHOLE!!!!!!! I NEED OXYGEN, I CAN'T BREATHE! HELP ME THE SEX OFFENDER MIGHT GET AWAY! HELP! I AM GOING TO FALL INTO THE LOOPHOLE VORTEX. And if the neighbors are not too busy watching American Idol, SVU, X Factor, make a call to the sheriff to do their job for them.

Mark said...

"Why do city council members believe they somehow know better?" Because in general, no one gives a dam! With all the sex offender poison bandied about - you know, monsters, predators, molesters, rapers, pedophiles, ad nausea; so all but maybe .02% try to make a difference????

Mark said...

In my past legal years, the departments of correction, the state, state rum sex offender treatment centers, jails, county prisons, etc. WILL DO NOTHING AT ALL even if these cited entities know, or reasonably know they are in some violation, or a system is broken, or something needs to be altered for the betterment of the establishment. Why? In my view over the past 18+ years, ARROGANCE - PERIOD. Add to that fact many of these people in positions that I have listed are incompetent, wholly bureaucratic, and deep inside their minds, they will do only enough to get just above the legal wire without attention. This is why, for the most part, federal courts get clogged with prisoner and patient law suits then, and only then will the state rune MACHINE act when a federal judge or appellate court rules against them - period. And the state run facilities are, simply put: A MACHINE.

Mark said...

Well, here we go again with some "charity" outfit making claims with statistics that are so unrealistic, it defies logic. But, rest assured, there will be scores who will drink this in and want to join the charity so they can look good for God, country, community and bolster their own sense of empty self because it is of course "OUR" children we will protect, and we will get all 750,000 predator pedophiles off the street. And then when they get all those 750,000 of the street, guess what? there will be more to come. As a side note, the U.S. Supreme Court held it was legal and constitutional to view "virtual" child porn in the USA because those images are not real humans.

deathklok said...

"Records show the offender registered his girlfriend's address as his
primary residence, but only at first. Following pressure from the
neighborhood watch for him to move out,..."

Is there a loophole in the online registry rules that allow this neighborhood watch mob to harass people and force them to move? Maybe the registrant should seek a restraining order against Hoffman as he sounds like a stalker.

Justice said...

If your next door neighbor was arrested for committing arson 10 years ago, why would you want to know that? Do you think his committing arson 10 years ago makes it more likely that he will burn your house down tomorrow? I don't know why people want to know if there is a sex offender living next door, and I don't believe the government should get involved with trying to make this knowledge available to the public. The cost of this effort is prohibitive and the knowledge is useless - there is nothing you can or should do if you live next door to an arsonist of sex offender. If we allow the government to tell us where free citizens can live, we will end up living in a tyrannical government. Do you want a government that says you shouldn't live near a street because you littered on a street 10 years ago?

Matt said...

According to a member of 4chan, when this first began three months ago it was immediately picked up as fake and a bunch of people went to troll it. Can't verify this as true but it seems likely since only a crackhead would genuinely fall for such an obvious trap.